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Japan Warehouse Design Trends Seminar - (15/03/2010)

Bear Logi Co.Ltd Managing Director Matthew Zann gave a presentation at a Japan IT logistics forum in Tokyo on March 13th. The topic of the discussion was “Technology’s role in shaping warehouse design”. According to Mr Zann, there where a number of key events that have shaped warehouse location and design, namely development of:

        Sea trade routes

        Industrialization & Mass Production


        Car & Truck

        Forklift & Pallet



Using a pictorial analysis, warehouse design was traced from the 1600s to modern day distribution centres. The speech also discussed the differences in warehouse construction techniques and operational functions like clear heights in Japan and the ‘global standard’. In Japan a lower internal clear height of around 5.5m leads to a maximum of 3 pallet stacking compared to the global 5 pallet height.


To obtain a free download of the presentation please visit the Bear Logi research page here


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