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Japan Supply Chain Network event held in Tokyo - (30/03/2012)

On Friday 30 June the Japan Supply Chain Network (JSCN) held an event in Tokyo attended by over 70 people representing various facets of the industry (real estate, logistics providers and retail customers). 

The supply chain organization has been active for many years in Tokyo and the new format allows participants with better network opportunities by conducting the event 4 times a year.
Thanks to those who attended the event and we look forward to seeing you at the next JSCN event will be held on June 28 2012 in Tokyo.

JSCN logo


+ Bear Logi to organize Japan Supply Chain Network event - (20/03/2012)

Bear Logi proudly presents new networking event “Japan Supply Chain Network (JSCN)” which will be held at ANA Intercontinental hotel on March 30th.

Logistics & commercial real estate consulting company, Bear Logi will organize the event inviting logistics solution providers, 3PL providers, industrial real estate professionals and agents, developers, related financial institutions, media industries, and end users as well as tenants from various manufacturing and retails field to contribute to the optimization of domestics supply chain operation.


Event Information

Date: 2012. 03.30 (Fri) 19:30 – 22:00

Venue: Mixx Bar & Lounge at 36 FL ANA Intercontinental hotel

       1-12-33 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo

Entrance fee: Free


Contact Information

Bear Logi

Marketing division: Sato

TEL: 03-5411-8336

+ Tonami Transport to consolidate Fuji and Mishima operation center - (05/03/2012)

On February 29 Tonami Holdings has announced that its core company, Tonami Transport it had completed construction of new Fuji branch and would start operation from March 5th.

Tonami will strengthen logistics function as well as operational efficiency by consolidating current Mishima and Fuji operation center to establish new Fuji branch to expand the operation.


[Overview of the facilities]

Name: Tonami Transport Fuji branch

Location: 29 Osumi Kashiwabara-aza Fuji-shi, Shizuoka

Home building: 2,652 m2

Temporary stock: 450 m2

Maintenance building : 2 stories

Site area: 16,845 m2


Source: Tonami Transport (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

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