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Maruwn to construct new logistics centre in Keihinjima, Tokyo - (30/04/2011)

On April 28th Maruwn Co. Ltd., announced that it would construct a new logistics center in Keihinjima Ota-ku, Tokyo

The 5 billion Yen investment into industrial real property is designed to integrate the existing logistics bases to improve efficiency, and to expand maintenance, delivery, and distribution processing operations for cargo in Tokyo metropolitan area.

The warehouse is 5 stories above ground, 18279m2 total floor space. It features fixed temperature warehouse and roof cranes which are attached inside of the building. 

The date of operation is estimated on October 2012.

maruwn keihin

[Overview of the new Logistics Property]

Location: 2-6-1 Keihinjima Ota-ku, Tokyo

Site space: 9212.82m2

Total floor space: approx. 4811m2

(Warehouse: approx. 15860m2, Office: 1010m2, Misc: 1409m2)

Construction: 5 stories above ground, RSCC

(column: reinforced concrete, beam: steel frame)

Building height: 29m

Major equipment: Fixed temperature warehouse (10, 1485m2), roof cranes (2.8t x 2)

Solar generator, LED

Investment value: 5 billion Yen (land, construction etc.)

Design and construction: Shimizu Corporation

Source: Maruwn (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)



+ IIF to acquire Narashino Logistics Center II - (29/04/2011)

On April 28th IIF, Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation based in Japan, announced the completion of acquisition of IIF Narashino Logistics Center (land with leasehold interest), and transaction of all five properties as IIF had announced in the press release “IIF Acquire Five Properties in Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Aichi Prefecture” on February 21, 2011. 

IIF scheduled to acquire the property on March 25, 2011 before the Japan earthquake, however, as only this property was located in the bay area, IIF decided to postpone the acquisition temporally to research the property with an external research agency to detect by radar in the ground and boring investigation.

As a result, IIF confirmed that the land was stable and large scale of depression of this land would not likely occur in the future. 

Having confirmed the safety of the property, IIF completed to acquire IIF Narashino Logistics Center .


[Outline of IIF Narashino Logistics Center ]

Property name: IIF Narashino Logistics Center (land with leasehold interest)

Type of asset: Trust beneficially rights in real estate

Acquisition price: 3,350 million yen

Scheduled Acquisition date: March 25, 2011

Completion of Acquisition date: April 28, 2011

Leasehold term: 50 years with Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

Source: IIF (Edited by Bear Logi)



+ METI to announce the activities of Japan’s industry to revive the supply chain - (28/04/2011)

On April 26th METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan announced “The Activities of Japan’s Industry to Revive the Supply Chain”. 

The survey has been conducted to piece out the comprehensive current industrial situation after the Earthquake related with the supply chain of major corporative operations and the movement for the reconstruction phase through the corporate hearings. 

The survey analyses the situation dividing the industries into three sections; electronics, Aircraft, and automobile industry.


[Outline of Electronics Industry]

Because of the earthquake, a raw materials and product parts factories that have suffered damage are being brought back into operation one-by-one. There are no negative influences on the production of electronics, e. g. flat panel TVs, mobile phones, smart phones, and lithium-ion batteries, etc..


[Outline of Aircraft Industry]

Just after the disaster, some factories temporarily decreased or suspended their productive activities. However, they’ve already resumed their operations and moreover expect to achieve over all level operation in May, and full-scale production in June.


[Outline of the Automobile Industry]

Just after the disaster, the production of automobiles was reduced or suspended but there have been movement toward resumption of production for several models with companies adjusting their operational procedures.


Source: METI Japan (Edited by Bear Logi)

+ 4th ULI Japan Legal Lunch Seminar - (27/04/2011)

4th ULI Japan Legal Lunch Seminar

"Transfer Pricing for Real Estate Professionals: What’s it got to do with me?"

Date: Friday, 20 May 2011 12:00-13:30 (Open at 11:45)

Thank you for your continued support of ULI Japan.

For tax purposes, contracts between group companies need to be at arm's length.  Thus, cross-border service agreements, whether for sourcing, financing, asset management or deal support, need to be properly priced. Depending on the facts, different methods can be used -- cost plus, profit or revenue sharing -- but, in case of an audit, the pricing needs to be supportable.

As featured speakers at the 4th ULI Japan Legal Lunch Seminar, we are pleased to have with us Raymond Kahn and Ryann Thomas from Zeirishi-Hojin PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Ray and Ryann will discuss the transfer pricing issues that commonly arise in the real estate industry.  This will include identifying real estate transactions requiring a transfer pricing policy; the types of policies commonly adopted for key transactions; recent audit experience; and transfer pricing market trends likely to have an impact on the real estate industry.

The discussion will be informal, will assume no tax knowledge, and will be relevant for foreign based companies with related party service providers in Japan, and for Japanese companies with related party service providers outside of Japan.

Attendance will be limited to the first 20 registrants.

Please come to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ reception desk on the 15th floor of the Kasumigaseki Building.



11:45 – 12:00             Registration

12:00 – 13:20             Lunch + Presentation

                                Raymond Kahn, Partner

                                Ryann Thomas, Managing Director

13:20 – 13:30             Q & A



YLG Members              4,500 yen

ULI Members               5,500 yen

Non-members              6,500 yen

* Priority in registration will be given to ULI Japan members. (Maximum 2 participants per company)

* Lunch boxes and drinks will be provided.

* The presentation will be in English. Consecutive interpreting will be provided.


Raymond Kahn

Ray is a tax partner in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Tokyo office, having joined the Tokyo practice in 1995. Ray is an active advisor of real estate investment funds, advising them in fund structuring, asset acquisition and asset disposition. Ray’s clients include global investment funds, investment advisors and investors including institutional investors, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds. Ray is co-leader of the firm's Japan Real Estate practice and is also the Alternative Investment Management Association ("AIMA") Japan tax committee chair.

Ryann Thomas

Since she joined the firm in mid 2001, Ryann has worked exclusively in the transfer pricing area, assisting both inbound and outbound multinational corporations with transfer pricing audit defense, advance pricing agreements, documentation and economic analyses, and risk assessments. In particular for real estate companies, Ryann has been involved in a wide variety of transfer pricing projects, including: Transfer pricing policy planning; transfer pricing documentation; and consulting on audit defense for transfer pricing issues arising in the course of corporate tax audits.


- To register, simply reply to this mail, and we will send you confirmation.

- Please complete payment of the participation fee via bank transfer to the account indicated below by the day of the event.

- We are unable to accept cash payments at the door on the day of the event.

- If you wish to have an invoice issued, please contact the ULI Japan office and we will be happy to comply.


Bank Transfer Information

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Aoyama Branch


Account Name: ULI Japan

Account Number: 4554792



ULI Japan

COI Uchikanda Building 8F

3-2-8 Uchikanda

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047

TEL: 03-5297-6132

FAX: 03-5297-6133

ULI Main Website

ULI Japan Website



ULI Japan Summer Conference 2011

Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visit or contact the ULI Japan office for details!

+ Japan Logistics Fund to lease Yachiyo Industrial Property to TOTO - (27/04/2011)

On April 26th Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. announced that it closed a lease contract on Yachiyo Logistics Center with TOTO Ltd.

Yachiyo LC

[Outline of the lease contract]

Rent area: 17,689.95m2

Percentage to the total rentable area: 100%

Lease type: Fixed-term contract

Lease period: 2011.05.01 – 2012.03.31


Source: Japan Logistics Fund (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)


+ Yasuda to open new warehouse in Shanghai - (25/04/2011)

On April 22nd, Yasuda Warehouse announced that the affiliated company, Yasuda Chuo International ForwardingShanghaiCo., Ltd., would open Qingpu branch and new warehouse.

The warehouse is located nearby highway interchange, key access to Shanghai city center as well as major eastern cities in Suzhou and Hangzou as a sales distribution base in growing Chinese domestic market.

Regarding Design and construction, raised-floor-style platform with large eaves and dock leveler on one-floor type of warehouse enables them to operate effectively.

yasuda shanghai

[Overview of the Qinqpu branch]

Name: Yasuda Chuo International ForwardingShanghaiCo., Ltd.,

Opening date: 2011.06

CEO: Daisuke Nozaki

Business: Warehousing


[Purpose of the establishment]

Logistics service and Quality improvement in eastern district China.


[Overview of new warehouse]

Space: 3,464m2

Construction: Steel-frame / 1 story

Equipment: two dock leveler



Source:  Yasuda Warehouse (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)


+ Yasuda Warehouse to acquire new site in Ibaraki, Osaka - (20/04/2011)

On March 18th Yasuda Warehouse Co., Ltd announced that it had obtained approx. 14,000m2 site for warehouse in Ibaraki, Osaka.

Yasuda mainly operates its business in Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai area. Many of the warehouses in Kansai are however, located in the bay side. Due to the ascending client’s demand on the inland site, it came to the decision acquiring one of the large scale sites Yasuda currently owns.

The new warehouse will be capable of consistently assignable service from cargo storage, marketing and processing, and distribution etc especially targeted at general cargo.


[Site overview]

Location: 1-200-3 Ushitora Ibaraki Osaka

Site space: 14,027m2

Zoning: Industrial

Acquisition date: 2011.03.28


Source: Yasuda Warehouse(Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Vantec starts operation at Osaka Logistics Center - (19/04/2011)

On 18th April Vantec Corporation has announced that it completed construction and commenced the operation at Osaka Logistics Center in order to straighten
food and beverage transportation as well as distribution services in Kansai area.

The center is 4 stories above ground warehouse which has one of the biggest site in Kansai, correspondent with 4 different (frozen/cool/fixed/normal) temperature zones, capable for maintenance, distribution of food & beverages, liquor, materials for housing.

vantec osaka



Name: Osaka Logistics Center

Location: 2-7-48 Nakajima Nishi Yodogawa-ku Osaka

Construction: PCa(partially steel construction) 4 stories above ground

Total floor space: 39,584 m2

Site space: 20,249 m2

Major equipments: 6 Cargo elevators, 6 Lifters

Number of Truck berth: 57 (incl. 3 Dock leveler)

Source: Vandec


+ Total remission of port facilities charges in Iwate prefecture - (16/04/2011)

On April 12th Iwate prefecture authorities announced that it would exceptionally introduce total remission of port facilities charges managed by them from April 2011 to March 2012.


The exception’s primary objective is to recover and inspire corporate activities suffered from Great East Japan Earthquake activating transportations with promoting the use of port facilities in Iwate that also enable them to recover employment rate in the region.


Applicable Port facilities:

Kuji/Miyako/Kamaishi/Ofunato/Yagi/Omoto port


Source: Iwate Prefecture Division of Port Maintenance




+ Footwork Express commences the construction of new logistics facility in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture - (15/04/2011)

A 3PL service provider, Footwork Express Co., Ltd. (FWE) based in Esaka City, Osaka Prefecture held the commencement ceremony on 13 April 2011 at the planned construction site located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture.

The new logistics facility will have both of warehouse and terminal on the site of about 9,200 tsubo (approx. 30,470m2) and is a result of consolidation of FWE’s current 2 branches aiming at the promotion of streamlining. It will be completed at the end of November of this year and will be used exclusively by FWE.

After having become a member of international logistics enterprise TOLL Group based in Melbourne, Australia in 2009, FWE has invested heavily into new truck fleet, personnel, technology and depot network, and customers can look forward to an enhanced offering from FWE as a result. The construction of this facility is a part of FWE’s ongoing strategy of strengthening its large network to offer customers.

The participants at the ceremony included:

- Mr. Shota Aoki, Representative Director and COO, Footwork Express Co., Ltd. (owner)

- Mr. Darren Corneille, Operation Manager, Toll Japan

- Mr. Eiji Hayashi, General Manager, Sales Control 2, Central Japan Company, Yahagi Construction Co., Ltd. (design and construction)

- Seiichi Kajita, former member of Aichi prefectural assembly

- Hiroshi Ito, President, Kamitaraga District, Kasugai City

- Matthew Zann, President, Bear Logi Co., Ltd. (CM)

Mr. Aoki from FWE expressed his appreciation to Yahagi, the constructor and asked for the completion of construction without any accident, and all attendants prayed for business expansion in the future.

New facility design has environmentally friendly design features such as extensive natural lighting, water sensitive design and reuse of water, auto light sensors that adjust when lighting so only used when light levels get low, low energy lighting throughout, solar LED light. Extensive landscaping throughout. Excellent worker amenities including modern rest areas. Building features high rated insulation to reduce need for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Safety is very important at FWE and sight planning separates pedestrian, cars and trucks. Warehouse also features extensive guard rails for worker safety. Site will feature modern weigh bridge and truck check area reinforcing the safe driving philosophy of FWE. Security is also high level with all site access restricted and strictly monitored. Benefits are for people.

Facility Overview


Komaki Branch, Footwork Express Co., Ltd.


298 Aza-Nishijima, Kamitagara-cho, Kasugai-City, Aichi Prefecture

Site area

Approx. 30,470 m2


Approx. 8,208 m2


Logistics center


Steel-framed, 3-story above ground


April 2011


November 2011

Point of contact for this press release:

Public Relations Office, Bear Logi Co., Ltd.

TEL: +81-(0)3-5411-8336

+ Back-up Capital construction plan: Government and opposition party joint movement - (15/04/2011)

There is a growing movement after the Great East Japan Earthquake to establish a “Back-up Capital” between both the government party and opposition party, which prepares for the further massive natural disaster or possible terrorism attack in Tokyo area.

Parliamentary group for NEMIC, National Emergency Management International City (Chairman: Hajime Ishii, Vice representative in Democratic Party) holds a conference every once in a week after the earthquake.

They have already set the NEMIC development framework, and following sites are currently being considered as candidates.

- Osaka international airport site (Osaka/Hyogo pref.),

- Kansai Science City (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara pref.),

- Banpaku memorial park (Osaka),

- Morikoro park (Aichi pref.)

Taking physical site space, key transportation accessibility, distance from Tokyo and other major standards into consideration, Osaka International Airport site (Itami airport) is considered as a front-runner of the candidate by now.

It is imminent in case that Tokyo, both political and economical center city, if paralyzed, it turns out to be whole Japanese system does not function. 

The NEMIC group now quickly analyses and coordinates with related institutions to be able to commence the construction project within a year.

Over 200 representatives are currently members of the group, and each party’s opinion has been up to a point integrated.

NEMIC group chairman Ishii also commented that the Back-up Capital needs to be comprised of Commercial and Residential area in addition to the administrative zoning for Diet and public offices function, in which the investments from overseas are expectable.

If this projects further proceeds to be realized, it can be predicted that Japanese industrial logistics real estate market also would be greatly influenced, such as de-centralization or the demand in newly establishing/diversifying national stock warehouse for emergency disaster.




Hajime Ishii Official Blog

(Edited by Bear Logi)


+ Ota market multi-level deck is completed - (13/04/2011)

On 12th April, JFE Engineering Corporation has announced that it has completed the Ota market multi-level storage deck for disposal of goods.

Ota market logistics center, 100% owned by Tokyo Seika Co., Ltd, orders and operates the market.

Remodeling in multi-level enabled the facilities to save up to 3 times more space compared to the former deck. It results in a total trade expansion in the limited site of whole sale market.

Furthermore, Innovating cold-chain correspondent facilities inside of the market realized both the keeping of freshness and effective transportation.

Fruit and vegetable dedicated vertical conveyor and elevator also make it easy to handle vast amount of goods, keeping as the same transportation efficiency as the existent 1st storey facilities.

Setting air-conditioning system for disposal of goods  maintaining the upper story at 15 also achieved the collecting and distributing fruits and vegetables without losing its freshness.

JFE announces that its proposal has greatly contributed the capacity progress for Ota market maintaining the freshness function.

ota market

[Ota market multi-level storage deck overview]


Ota market logistics center K.K(100% owned by Tokyo Seika Co., Ltd)

Construction site: Tokyo central whole sale market Ota market

3-2-6 Tokai Ota-ku Tokyo


- 2 stories above ground

- Vehicle holding area at roof

- Steel construction (partially reinforced concrete)

Total floor space: 30,000m2

Source: JFE Engineering

+ ANA will resume flight between Haneda and Sendai from April 13 - (09/04/2011)

On 8th April, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation (MILT Japan) announced that the civilian airplane transportation from Sendai airport would be resumed.

ANA will start its flight between Tokyo (Haneda) and Sendai from April 13. The flight will be limited three times round trip per a day in a daytime for a while.

MILT encourages to use public transportation or pick-up car due to the unavailable Sendai access railroad.

Flight schedule:

Departure from Sendai: 9:30/12:30/15:30

Departure from Haneda: 7:30/10:30/13:30 

Source: MILT Japan


+ MLIT opened extra Website for the after-quake Japanese airborne condition in Chinese and Korean - (09/04/2011)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT Japan) has announced that they opened Chinese/Korean website in order to strengthen the information transmission especially for foreign governments and airline companies.

English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages are currently available.

In addition, the updated transportation recovery news are available at following link:

"2. Information of transportation/recovery of transportation" on MLIT website.

Source: MLIT Japan (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Updated vacant warehouse info in Kashiwa city, Chiba: 5,514.98m2 - (07/04/2011)

On 1st April, Butsuryu-Biz updated one warehouse information located in Chiba.

kashiwa prop

Warehouse Space: 5345.60m2

Office Space: 159.72m2

Property ID: B100533

Property Address: Shin Toyofuta, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

Access: approx. 0.5km from Kashiwa Interchange

          : approx. 2km from Kashiwa-no-ha campus station by Tsukuba Express

Land area: 5,215.50m2

Floor area: 5,514.98m2

Construction: Steel-frame, 2 stories

Leasable are: 5,514.98m2

Leasable stories: both

Rent: Negotiable

Deposit: Negotiable

Available from 2011.06.01

Source: Butsuryu-Biz


+ Footwork restarts their operation in the suffered area - (06/04/2011)

On 5th April Footwork Express has announced that they partially had resumed the collection of cargo in some regions where the operation had been stopped due to the East Japan Great Earthquake.

Footwork restarts their operation in whole Kanto as well as some part of Tohoku area except Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, where still has been under severe influence by the disaster.

Several points must be considered before shipping cargo to these areas as following;

- No delivery time designation

- No individual designation

- No emergency supplies

- Limited under 1,000kg per one cargo slip 

Source: Footwork Express

+ Japan land price decline slows in 2010 -govt survey - (06/04/2011)

Japanese land prices fell for a third straight year in 2010 but the pace of decline slowed as the economy picked up, a government survey showed, though last Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami ruined broad areas in the northeast of the country.

Both commercial and residential land prices showed narrower declines than the previous year, the survey by the land ministry indicated on Thursday, based on calculations on Jan. 1.

But the worst earthquake in Japan's history and a subsequent tsunami struck wide areas of three prefectures in the north of the country, which make up 4 percent of Japan's GDP, destroying thousands of homes as well as roads and bridges.

Japanese land prices fell 3.0 percent last year, narrowing from a drop of 4.6 percent, with commercial land prices down 3.8 percent and residential land prices down 2.7 percent, the survey showed.

Japanese land prices, which had been declining for years following the collapse of the real estate bubble in the early 1990s, finally began turning up in the mid-2000s helped in part as foreign investors poured money into urban developments.

But the upturn was short-lived as the global financial crisis rocked the market in 2008.

The latest data showed money from Asian investors propped up prices in areas such as Kutchan Town in Hokkaido in north Japan.

Source: Reuters

+ Yamatane will be a tenant in YLP - (05/04/2011)

On Apr 5th, IRC Management has announced that they made a lease agreement in Yokohama Logistic Park (YLP) between Daikoku Distribution Center Special Purpose Company and Yamatane Corporation as its 4th tenant.

Yamatane will be a tenant on the 1st floor around 7,491m2, and they close a sublease contract with Kanagawa Kokubu Co., Ltd to use the facilities as one of its distribution base.

A part of its 1st, 5th floors, and unreserved 7th floors are continuously available to be leased. 


Source: IRC Management

+ Amazon Japan Logistics opens a new logistics center in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture - (04/04/2011)

Amazon Japan Logistics which provides logistics service according to the orders placed at announced that on 1 April 2011 it opened a new logistics center “Amazon Tokoname FC (Fulfillment Center)” in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture in order to help expand logistics scale and provide speedy delivery service.

By opening the first fulfillment center in Chubu region, not only strengthening of “In Stock” product lineup at, but also more speedy delivery to orders from customers mainly in Chubu region are expected (excluding some area). Moreover, by opening this FC, “Fulfillment service by Amazon”, a service which Amazon Japan Logistics on behalf of seller handles goods inventory storage, order processing, shipment and customer service will be expanded.

“Amazon Tokoname FC” has joined the existing logistics centers “Amazon Ichikawa FC”, “Amazon Yachiyo FC, “Amazon Sakai FC”, “Amazon Kawagoe FC” and “Amazon Daitoh FC”.


Source: (Translated by Bear Logi)

+ 3rd ULI Japan Legal Lunch Seminar - (01/04/2011)

3rd ULI Japan Legal Lunch Seminar

"Part II: Overview of Practice of J-REIT -- Outline of Investment Corporation, Disclosure Regulations, M&A and Issues of Financing and Refinancing"


Thank you for your continued support of ULI Japan.

Were pleased to announce that, on Friday, April 22 from 12:00 noon to 13:30 at Baker & McKenzies offices on the 11th floor of the Prudential Tower in Nagatacho, we will hold the 3rd ULI Japan Legal Lunch Seminar. Haruhiko Ogasawara, an attorney with expertise in legal issues related to J-REIT practices including public offerings and M&A transactions, will continue his presentation from last October. Those who participated last time, as well as those who may join us for the first time, will find this equally informative and easy to follow. Seating is limited to 30, so dont delay register today!



11:45 12:00  Registration

12:00 13:20  Lunch + Presentation

                      Haruhiko Ogasawara, Baker & McKenzie GJBJ

13:20 13:30  Q & A



YLG Members   4,500 yen

ULI Members    5,500 yen

Non-members  6,500 yen


* Priority in registration will be given to ULI Japan members. (Maximum 2 participants per company)

* Lunch boxes and drinks will be provided.

* The presentation will be in Japanese. Consecutive interpreting will be provided.


Haruhiko Ogasawara

Practice Description

Ogasawara has extensive experience in real estate securitisation, public offering of J-REITs, loan securitisation (especially in the structuring of RMBS, CMBS and ABS), TMK bonds, structured finance, advice on Financial Instrument and Exchange Law, Asset Securitisation Law, Investment Trust Law, capital markets, securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, tender offer buyout and cross-border transactions.


Education and Bar Admission

Ogasawara graduated from the University of Tokyo with an LL.B. in 1994, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School with an LL.M. in 2002.  He was admitted as an attorney in Japan in 1996 and New York in 2003.


- To register, simply reply to this mail, and we will send you confirmation.

- Please complete payment of the participation fee via bank transfer to the account indicated below by the day of the event.

- We are unable to accept cash payments at the door on the day of the event.

- If you wish to have an invoice issued, please contact the ULI Japan office and we will be happy to comply.


Bank Transfer Information

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Aoyama Branch


Account Name: ULI Japan

Account Number: 4554792


ULI Japan

COI Uchikanda Building 8F

3-2-8 Uchikanda

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047

TEL: 03-5297-6132

FAX: 03-5297-6133

ULI Main Website

ULI Japan Website

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