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Wal-Mart looks to reduce delivery prices - (28/05/2010)

Wal-Mart Stories Inc. is looking to take over US transportation services from suppliers to reduce delivery prices.


The company is contacting all manufacturers that provide products for the superstore. Their goal is to take over deliveries where it can do the same job for less and use the savings to reduce prices in stores, said Kelly Abney, vice president of corporate transportation of Wal-Mart.


"It has allowed our suppliers to focus on what they do best, manufacturing products for us," he said. He believed that with lower costs, there will be increased sales.


Wal-Mart is increasing the use of contractors and its own fleet of trucks to pick products up directly from manufacturers and transport them to its distribution centres and stores. Currently, the retailer only moves most goods from its distribution centres to their stores.


This will allow greater utilisation of the company's fleet of trucks and trailers and improve on-time delivery rates and help negotiate better fuel prices.


This is Wal-Mart's attempt to reach further back into the supply chain, to reduce the costs of goods sold so as to increase their gross margins.


Source: Bloomberg.

+ Global Logistic Properties Japan - Fukushima warehouse open day - (24/05/2010)

GL Properties Japan will hold an open day on May 26th for its logistics property known as "Koriyama GLP III" in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.

This high specification industrial warehouse property is located near the Koriyama Interchange.

Open Day: May 26th (Wed), 10:00 to 16:00

Japan real property fukishima

Property Description 
Property name: Koriyama GLP III  
Address: 5-12 Yoshihisa Horinouchi, Mukaihara Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture
Completed: 1993
Building Type: 4 floors above ground
Site area: 22,862 meters (6,915 tsubo)
Rentable area: office; 394 tsubo warehouse; 4,472 tsubo
Other: Floor load: Warehouse 2.0 ~ 2.1t /m with warehouse floor to ceiling height: 7.1 ~ 7.6m 
Availability: Now (some parts from October 2010)

More information is available from the GLP Japan website

Source: GLP Japan

+ Japan property investment seminar – lesson from the financial crisis - (23/05/2010)

"New insights into property investment - lessons from global financial crisis -"


IPD Japan will hold a Property Investment Seminar on Friday 18 June at Bell Salle Yaesu, Tokyo starting at 9.30 a.m.untill 13.00.


The event will discuss insights into property investment, which may be derived from the recent global financial crisis.


Guest speakers include:

-  Frank Khoo, Global Head of Asia, AXA REIM

-  Toru Matsumura, Executive Research Fellow, NLI Research Institute

-  Koichiro Obu, Director, RREEF Japan Research Head, Deutsche Securities Inc.

-  Chihiro Shimizu, Professor at Reitaku University

-  Nobuyuki Tanabe, Professor at Miyagi University

-  Nick Nabarro, Head of Derivatives and Business Development, Investment Property Databank/IPD


If you would like to attend please contact IPD on 03-5326-3051.

+ Japanese REIT property acquisitions exceed 150 billion yen - (21/05/2010)

The final months of 2009 and the first 3 months of 2010 have indicated a gradually improving Japanese REIT market (Real Estate Investment Trusts) with corresponding improvement in the financing environment. 

The improving demand driven by the REITs into the Japanese property market has resulted in sales for the January-March period 2010 at 90 billion yen while total acquisitions exceeded 150 billion yen. This number excludes 55 billion yen paid in April by Mori Trust for the 50% shared interest in the Tokyo Shiodome Building

Japanese REIT market

Source: Nikkei

+ New 150,000 m2 commercial development to open in Kyoto, Japan - (20/05/2010)

Commercial facility developer Aeon Mall, which is part of major Japanese retailer Aeon Group, will open a new commercial facility "Aeon Mall Kyoto" in front of JR Kyoto Station on June 4. The facility was completed by Japanese builder Shimizu, which took over the development from bankrupt developer Joint Corporation. Aeon Mall will handle the tenant leasing and property management.

KYOTO Aeon Mall is only 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Station so is expected to serve not only local residents but also foreign tourists. Total floor space is approximately 150,000 m2, with 50,000 m2 of total rentable shopping center.

The part six and seven-story Mall consists of two wings. The new commercial property features a 12-screen cinema complex which will be the largest Kyoto. The Mall will also include approximately 130 stores including restaurants, supermarkets and fashion retailers.

The commercial building features a number of green building initiatives including approximately 2,200m2 of green roof, LED signs and lights as well as rainwater storage tank capacity of 555 tons. The building has achieved a Japanese green building A rank.

AEON Mall currently operates 55 malls in Japan and the opening of the new Kyoto Mall Prefecture will be the third in Kyoto Prefecture.

Kyoto Japan Shopping Mall

Aeon Mall KYOTO (Photo: AEON MALL)

Development name: KYOTO Aeon Mall

Address: Minami-ku, Kyoto City

Land Size: 30,100m2,

Gross Floor Area: approximately 148,300m2, with 51,000m2 total rentable area.

Design and construction: Shimizu Corporation

Facility operator: Aeon Mall

Number of stores: 130

Opening: June 2010 (planned)

Major Tenant: KOHYO, Uniqlo, Sofmap, Ogaki Bookstore

+ CEVA to expand asian warehouse capacity - (19/05/2010)

Asia - CEVA Group plans to increase its capacity in Asia by expanding its warehouses in Malaysia, China, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, said its Asia-Pacific president Vittorio Favati.


Favati says the company has nearly exhausted its capacity in Malaysia and plans to add 700,000-800,000 sq ft or 50% of their present warehouse space of 1.5 million sq ft.


CEVA is also looking to expand by 250,000 sq ft in China, 200,000 sq ft in Australia, 150,000 sq ft in Indonesia and 100,000 in Thailand. Meanwhile, India is expanding quite robustly with staff in India is expected to double this year.


CEVA is one of the world's top five logistics companies and is expecting to achieve higher revenue and profit this year.


Favati believes Asia is a promising market and CEVA is now taking the opportunity to increase their staff and systems in warehousing, freight and supply chain management.


Source: CEVA


+ China real estate prices continue to increase - (17/05/2010)

BEIJING -Real estate prices across China in April marked the largest year-on-year increase since monthly indexes started in July 2005.

According to the sales price index for buildings in 70 major to midsize cities released by China's National Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday, property prices were up 12.8 percent year on year, exceeding the 11.7 percent rise logged in March.

Real estate prices in most cities rose more sharply than a month before. Haikou and Sanya in the island province of Hainan saw prices surge 53.3 percent and 52.3 percent, respectively.

In Beijing, prices were up 14.7 percent, while Shanghai saw an 11.6-percent rise. However, the pace of growth slowed from March in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, both in Guangdong province.

Chinese authorities, trying to stem an inflationary bubble, adopted new policies in April to control speculative property purchases. For example, buyers are no longer permitted to finance a third home or condominium using a bank mortgage.

China's consumer price index in April advanced 2.8 percent year on year, logging its biggest rise since October 2008. The index is approaching the ceiling of "around 3 percent" set by Chinese authorities.

Source: Asahi

+ Tokyo real estate apartment sales increase for 3rd month running - (17/05/2010)

The Japan Real Estate Economic Research Institute announced on the 17th May that the number of newly-built apartments in the Tokyo metropolitan area was 3,214. According to the apartment market trend research in April this represents an increase of 22.6% compared with a year-ago and represents 3 consecutive months of increases.


The contract sales for April was 2,568 or 79.9%, a 15.2 point rise. Forecast sales for May are currently estimated at 3,900 apartments.


The research also indicated an increase in buyer interest, with a lot more Japanese people now who are considering to purchase.


Source: Nikkei

+ Yasuda Warehouse net income falls 10% - (15/05/2010)

Yasuda Warehouse, a Japanese warehouse, logistics and real estate company has reported a net income decrease of 1.4 billion yen. This represents a 10 percent decrease on last year’s result. The decrease is related to a decrease in transaction volumes in the distribution business, and by a downturn in their real estate holdings.


Sales fell 7 percent to ¥ 32.4 billion. The logistics business, which contributed to operating earnings during the previous year suffered from reduced fees and a reduction in handling of international cargo. Operating income was down 12% to 2.6 billion yen.


Source: Yasuda Warehouse

+ New insights into property investment - lessons from the global financial crisis - (15/05/2010)

The 7th Annual IPD Investment Seminar will be held on Friday 18 June at Bell Salle Yaesu, Tokyo starting at 9.30 a.m. untill 13.00. 

This years event will discuss what are the new insights into property investment, which can be derived from the recent global financial crisis.

Guest speakers include;

-       Frank Khoo, Global Head of Asia, AXA REIM

-       Toru Matsumura, Executive Research Fellow, NLI Research Institute

-       Koichiro Obu, Director, RREEF Japan Research Head, Deutsche Securities Inc.

-       Chihiro Shimizu, Professor at Reitaku University

-       Nobuyuki Tanabe, Professor at Miyagi University

-       Nick Nabarro, Head of Derivatives and Business Development, Investment Property Databank/IPD

Please call IPD Japan on 03-5326-3051 for more details.


+ Trusco Nakayama to expand warehouse distribution in Japan - (12/05/2010)

Trusco Nakayama said in its long-term management strategy of the company's fiscal 2010 financial results announced on May 7 that it aims to strengthen logistics in response to market characteristics which have resulted in the geographic expansion of direct shipping logistics centers. These centers are trying to improve and increase the  delivery of 'instant' stock items.


The three grouped by area for the distribution center and Wakazuruto Fakutoriruto January 2010, by holding the item in stock wealth distribution center is central to the core center of each group, the same group Now we can share it in stock.


By strengthening and optimizing inventory and immediate delivery to customers in each distribution center we plan to expand the efficiency of inventory items.


The number of distribution centers for their home improvement stalls is 12 and 3 for their 'Wakazuruto' and 'Factory Route' stores.


Issues to be addressed as the company expands include preventing shortage and excess in inventory and installation of inventory management systems to prevent loss and strengthen logistics capabilities.

+ Japan's Panasonic & Sanyo collaborate on real estate & logistics - (10/05/2010)

Tokyo - May 7, Panasonic, announced a new medium-term plan, in which it outlines collaboration with Sanyo and promotion of its global infrastructure such as real estate, warehouses overseas offices. They will also promote and share know-how.


A working group collaboration strategy between Sanyo and Panasonic was established on April 1 this year which identified operating income synergies until fiscal 2012 of 80 billion yen (approximately 800 million USD).

Source: Panasonic & Sanyo

+ Chinese Property Investors snap up real estate on South Korean Island - (04/05/2010)

Scores of holiday villas on South Korea's Jeju Island have been snapped up by about 150 investors from Shanghai as Beijing tries to keep a real estate bubble from exploding.


By May 2nd, 58 real estate contracts said to be worth of $26.7 million had been signed during a three-day business tour by Chinese investors at the island's Raon Private Town, a booming holiday zone still under construction. Many of the luxury villas will be rented to Chinese tourists, the China News Agency reported.


Jeju Island in the Korea Straits, also known as the "Island of the Gods", is a popular vacation spot for Koreans, Japanese and neighboring Chinese.


Source: The China News Agency

+ Forever 21 opens flagship store in Tokyo - (02/05/2010)

Forever 21 Inc, a fashion brand from Los Angeles, recently launched its first ever flagship outlet in Asia at Matsuzakaya department store in Ginza shopping district, Tokyo.


The shop, recognized for its rightly priced unique designs for youngsters, will carry on its shelves, along with fashion apparels for grown-ups, a fresh collection for kids in the age group of 6-14 years.


According to Lawrence Meyer, Executive Vice President of the Group, Matsuzakaya Ginza was chosen for the launch of the brand’s new flagship stores owing to its perfect location.


In the following month, Forever 21 is likely to launch two new stores in Chiba Prefecture and Tokyo’s Shinjuku districts.

Source: Forever 21

+ Mitsui to open new Outlet Mall in western Japan - (01/05/2010)

Japan's Mitsui Fudosan announced that it will develop Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki (tentative name) in Kurashiki City, a leading industrial city of Okayama Prefecture in western Japan. The outlet will be the first Mitsui outlet in the region and is scheduled to open in the winter of 2011.

This project is located in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. It is located close to the Kurashiki Station and at the junction of the Okayama and Sanyo Expressway intersection of Kurashiki. The site is well located to serve the Chugoku, Shikoku and the Kansai regions of Japan.

The site area is about 66,000m2 with 100 retail and commercial stores planned having a GFA of around 20,000m2. The buildings will be situated amongst ample vegetation and water features with the sustainable eco design based on a concept called "Kurashiki Forest". The stores will feature leading international brands and focus on Men's, Women's and Kids Fashion and accessories as well as Sports & Outdoors.

commercial property - Mall in Japan

Artists Impression




Okayama Ken, Kurashiki City,  Kotobuki-cho 12-1


JR Sanyo Line Hakubi Line Railway Mizushima Seaside "Kurashiki" station.  Sanyo Expressway "Kurashiki" IC about 3km

Business Type

Factory outlet

Site area

Approximately 66,000 m2

Store area

Approximately 20,000 m2

Number of stores

Approximately 100 stores


Opening Winter 2011 (tentative)


Source: Mitsui Fudousan

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