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Chiba Prefectural Government to subdivide land for disposal in Akanehama, Keiyo port district - (29/09/2010)

From 29 September 2010, Corporate agency of Chiba Prefectural Government is to seek by free contract transferee for land for disposal in Akanehama, Keiyo port district, Narashino city.

The property is located at 3-38-1, Akanehama, Narashino-shi. Currently it is housing site and its area is 46,168m2, the minimum amount is set at 2.68 billion JPY.

The land should be used for logistics business including delivery, distribution and processing.

Subdivision Plan

Point of Contact:
Land Subdivision Section (Industrial and Logistics Subdivision Office)
Area Development Department

Corporate agency of Chiba Prefectural Government
TEL: +81-(0)43-296-8756


+ Mercedes Benz Japan opens new Tokyo logistics centre - (29/09/2010)

Upon the completion of Narashino Logistics Complex composed of Parts Distribution Center (PDC) and Training Center, Nippon Express delivered the facility to Mercedes Bentz Japan. At the same time, the service and parts department moved to this Narashino Logistics Complex and started operation.


PDC, a facility for stroage of parts and accessories of Mercedes Bentz, Maybach, Smart and for delivery of those to across-the-country dealers, was established in Toyohashi city, Aichi in 1992. This relocation is a part of system upgrade to cope with the increase of number of handling parts and vehicles owned in the future. The new PDC will be in operation in December 2010.

Also, the training department which provides dealers with practical skills and various trainings regarding sales has moved from Yokohama city to this Narashino logistics complex. Improvement of the facility can make it possible to provide higher quality trainings than ever.

-Narashino Logistics Complex Overview -

Name: Narashino Logistics Complex, Mercedes Benz Japan

Address: 3-7-1/2, Akanehama, Narashino-shi, 275-0024, Chiba

Site area: 67,100m2 (including PDC 27,200m2 and Training Center 1,590m2

Number of employee: about 150

Benz Japan

Source: Mercedes Benz Japan (edited by Bear Logi)

+ ULI Japan Young Leaders Group Fukuoka Tour - (28/09/2010)

Recently voted No. 14 in Monocle magazine’s 2010 Most Desirable Places to Live, this compact and friendly city is a role model for green, high-quality urban development.

“Friendly, safe and clean, its proximity to East Asia: Shanghai is closer than Tokyo: Fukuoka is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Japan.”: Monocle


Join members of ULI Japan’s Young Leaders Group on a research and networking tour to see first hand how Fukuoka is getting it right and find out what opportunities await.


Following a successful event in April which featured key business, government officials and academics from Fukuoka, this will be an excellent opportunity to hear from the inside about Fukuoka’s success as a modern city : we have constructed a rich program featuring Fukuoka real estate experts and other key regional business figures as well as academics.


We hope you’ll join us for an enlightening, enjoyable experience in this new compact city!


Program Highlights:

 Introduction to Fukuoka : the development of the city and its role as a gateway to Asia and learn about the successful urban planning measures implemented by Fukuoka City

 Deepening exchange between industry experts in Fukuoka and Tokyo and contributing to Japan`s real estate market

 Networking events and excursions with other ULI members and participants from the local real estate community



Friday, October 22 - Saturday, October 23 (1 night/2 days)



Up to 15



Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel


Meeting Place

Hotel Lobby


Tour will begin in Fukuoka at 2:30pm, October 22.


October 22 (Fri.)

City Tour 

3:30pm JR Kyushu                 Presentation

5:00pm Fukuoka REIT            Presentation and Tour              

           (Presentation, Canal City site tour)

7:30pm Evening Networking/Dinner


October 23 (Sat.)

City tour and return to Tokyo

10:00am  Hilton Sea Hawk Hotel                                         Presentation and Tour

12:30pm  Lunch, Travel to Kyushu University, Hakozaki campus       

1:30pm    Kyushu University Relocation Project Site Tour        Presentation and Tour (Professor Aitani)

              (presentation by Professor Sakai) 

4:30pm Across Fukuoka                                                    Presentation and Tour

6:00pm Official Fukuoka Tour end


★ Costs: 23,000 yen (Includes 1 night stay at hotel, 1 day bus hire, 1 dinner, 1 lunch)

★ Please note flights are not included in this tour. Please arrange your own transportation.

★ If anybody would like to have an extra 1-night stay at the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel, please let us know.

★ A schedule packet will be provided after registration.


-  To register, simply reply to this mail, and we will send you confirmation.

-  Please complete payment of the participation fee via bank transfer to the account indicated below by the day of the event.

-  We are unable to accept cash payments at the door on the day of the event.

-  If you wish to have an invoice issued, please contact the ULI Japan office and we will be happy to comply.


Bank Transfer Information

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Aoyama Branch


Account Name: ULI Japan

Account Number: 4554792


ULI Japan

COI Uchikanda Building 8F

3-2-8 Uchikanda

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047

TEL: 03-5297-6132

FAX: 03-5297-6133

ULI Main Website

ULI Japan Website

+ Kimura Unity to open logistics center in Ichikawa, Chiba contracted by Rakuten Logistics - (28/09/2010)

Kimura Unity Co., Ltd. has concluded an outsourcing contract with Rakuten Logistics (100% affiliate company of Rakuten Inc.) and is to open a business establishment in Shiohama, Ichikawa city, Chiba to undertake logistics business for books and DVDs.


1. Purpose of to open a business establishment

Kimura Unity will contract for logistics business for books and DVDs in the logistics center managed by Rakuten Logistics in charge of logistics for Rakuten Inc. With its know-how of  skills at job site, logistics service skills and improvement skills, Kimura Unity will have a logistic center which support progress of logistics service and law-cost operation which are Rakutens

needs and contribute to safe and secure logistics.


2. Overview of business establishment

(1) Address: ProLogis Park I, 1-7-1, Shiohama, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba

Rakuten Fulfillment Center, Rakuten Logistics

Tel: +81-(0)47-300-2750

(2) Name: Kimura Unity Ichikawa Center

(3) Opening: October 2010


3. Contents of business: Logistics business in the logistics center

(logistics management, entering/dispatching, packing)


4. Size of the warehouse: Total floor area 7,200 tsubo (23,801.65m2)


Source: Kimura Unity

+ 4th ULI Japan Real Estate Market Segment Overview - (27/09/2010)

The 4th ULI Japan Real Estate Market Segment Overview will be held on Wednesday, October 6th on the 8th floor of the Kioicho Kelton Building in Tokyo.          


Resurrection of the J-REIT market is key to recovery in the real estate market. We feature four J-REIT presidents, with Mr. Yokota of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the moderator. Come and learn the latest trends and developments in the market.    


Moderator:           Masayuki Yokota             

                            Head, Asset Finance, Listing Department  

                            Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.          

Panelists:             Nobuhito Endo   

                            President and Representative Director       

                            Top REIT Asset Management Co., Ltd.       


Kenji Kosaka     

                            President and Representative Director       

                            AD Investment Management Co., Ltd.       


Nobuo Moroizumi            

                            President & C.E.O.          

                            MID REIT Management Co., Ltd. 


Koji Sakamoto    


                            Sekisui House SI Asset Management, Ltd.


Date: Wednesday, October 6th       

Time: 18:30 – 21:30         

Venue: Kioicho Kelton Building, 8F            

Fees:      YLG Member – 5,000 yen             

              ULI Member – 7,500 yen

              Non-Member – 10,000 yen            



Kioicho Kelton Building (Entrance)

4-5 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo 102-0094


To register for this Tokyo Property Event, simply email or contact ULI Japan on TEL: 03-5297-6132 and they will send you confirmation and details. 

+ Orix to install 3 logistics properties with solar power - (27/09/2010)

Japan's Orix Real Estate Corporation has decided to install solar power generation systems at the logistics properties currently under development.

3 Target logistics facilities are Kawagoe Sangyo Danchi Logistics Center (in Kawagoe city, Saitama), Ichikawa Chidori-cho Logistics Center (in Ichikawa city, Chiba) and Komaki Logistics Center (in Komaki city, Aichi), which are large-scale logistics facilities with total floor area of from about 6,000 tsubo (19,834.71m2) to 22,000 tsubo (72,727.27m2) respectively.

Orix is aiming for eco-friendly facilities by installing solar panels on the roof of these large-scale logistics facilities and by covering a part of electricity used in the  properties.

2,160 solar panels in total will be installed in these 3 properties and electricity of 176,160 kwh in total is expected to be generated. Generated power will be used for lights and air conditioning in the facilities and contribute to reduced CO2 emission.

Overview of solar power generation systems

1. Kawagoe Sangyo Danchi Logistics Center

Number of solar panels to be installed: 1,120 (module output 85W/panel)

Power generation output: 95kw

Expected production of electricity: 92,163kwh/year


2. Ichikawa Chidori-cho Logistics Center

Number of solar panels to be installed: 800 (module output 85W/panel)

Power generation output: 60kw

Expected production of electricity: 63,788kwh/year


3. Komaki Logistics Center

Number of solar panels to be installed: 240 (module output 85W/panel)

Power generation output: 20kw

Expected production of electricity: 20,209kwh/year

Rendering for solar panel installation (Ichikawa Chidori-cho Logistics Center)


Overview of properties to be installed with solar power generation systems

1. Kawagoe Sangyo Danchi Logistics Center

Address: 5-1, Yoshino-dai, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama

Site area: 34,800m2

Leasable area: 50,200m2

Structure: steel, 3-story above ground with 4-story office, cross dock on the ground floor

Completion: February 2011



2. Ichikawa Chidori-cho Logistics Center (CASBEE A-rank)

Address: 13, Chidori-cho, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba

Site area: 33,600m2

Total floor area: 66,200m2

Structure: Steel and steel reinforced concrete, 4-story above ground, cross dock on the ground floor, berth on the 3rd and 4th floor

Completion: February 2011



3. Komaki Logistics Center

Address: 24, Aza-Toriumido, Oaza-Nishinoshima, Komaki-shi, Aichi

Site area: 9,500m2

Total floor area: 18,100m2

Structure: Steel (partially steel reinforced concrete), 4-story above ground, berth on the ground floor

Completion: October 2010



Source: Orix Real Estate

+ LaSalle to install Logi Port Kashiwa with 1.5MW solar power - (27/09/2010)

LaSalle Investment Management Inc. announced that it plans to install 1.5MW solar power generation systems to a large-scale logistics facility they manage known as Logiport Kashiwa (3-1, Shin-Toyofuta, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba). This solar plan will be one of the largest for logistics facilities in Japan.

According to the plan, the installation work will start this month and the first 500KW system will start operation by April 2011 and the second 1.0MW system will be in operation by April 2013. LaSalle owns a lot of logistics and commercial facilities in Japan whose roof area is wide. It therefore plans to install solar panels to other properties in the future.

The scale of 1.5MW is the largest among the cases of solar power generation systems using the roof of buildings. The 22,400m2 large roof of the logistics property is to be used to the utmost . Taking advantage of the output which is about 430 times stronger than standard solar panel sets used on the roof of general houses, it will greatly contribute to reduce CO2 emissions. The effect is estimated to be about 530 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to about 800,000 m2, 17 times as large as Tokyo Dome, in forest area which can absorb CO2.

One of the huge benefits of installation of this system is that advantage of CO2 reduction will be presented to tenants who occupy the facility. So far, most cases of installation of solar power generation systems have been for electricity consumption in common use space of buildings or for private use in a company. However, this system of greenelectricity generated by solar power system is to be allocated for all the tenants and therefore tenants benefit from CO2 reduction. The analysis by LaSalle estimates that greenelectricity could ultimately cover about one-third of the electricity used by tenants.

Facility overview

Name: Logiport Kashiwa

Address: 3-1, Shin-Toyofuta, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

Land use zoning: Industrial use only

Site area: 59,442.01m2 (17,981.20 tsubo)

Total floor area: 117,193.21m2 (35,450.94 tsubo)

Structure: 5-story, reinforced concrete and partially steel-frame

Equipment: Ramp on all the stories

Completion: July 2006


Expressway: Approx. 1km from Kashiwa IC of Joban Expressway

Train: 12 min. on foot from Kashiwa Tanaka sta., Tsukuba Express

Design/Construction: Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co.,Ltd.


2Solar power generation systems rendering. 


+ Japan’s property market stagnant, land price slowly recovering - (24/09/2010)

The slide in Japan's average land prices slowed in the year to July from a year earlier but the movement toward recovery is sluggish and the nation's property market remains stagnant, according to the Japan land ministry.


The ministry's annual survey showed that Japanese land prices were recovering somewhat after the blow from the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in September 2008, helped by a moderate economic recovery and government subsidies for housing.


Average Japanese land prices fell 3.7 percent in the year to July 1, compared to the 4.4 percent decline recorded a year earlier.


Average residential prices posted a 3.4 percent annual fall, also moderating from a 4.0 percent drop a year earlier.


Average commercial land prices fell 4.6 percent in the year to July 1, after a 5.9 percent fall a year before.


Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka

In the country's three biggest metropolitan areas -Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka - land prices slid 3.2 percent, falling for a second straight year but at a a slower pace than the previous year's 6.1 percent.


Average residential land prices in the three urban centres slipped 2.9 percent, showing signs of steadying after a 5.6 percent fall a year earlier, as prices in some popular areas came down far enough to attract fresh demand.


Average commercial land prices in the big metropolitan areas fell 4.2 percent, compared with an 8.2 percent annual drop a year before, buoyed in part by demand for investment purposes.


Average land prices outside the three metropolitan centres fell 3.9 percent in the year to July 1, little changed from the 3.8 percent decline posted a year before.


Source: Reuters (Edited by Bear Logi)

+ Bear Logi attends investment event in Kunshan, China - (22/09/2010)

On 20 September 2010, Bear Logi took part in the Kunshan 2010 Autumn Investment Promotion Fair held in Kunshan, China.

kunshan china

Industrial Land

Bear Logi has secured industrial land of 228,278m2 in Kushan city and is developing and introducing this as a logistic park to Japanese and other multi-national companies.

This land is strategically located adjacent to the Zhou City IC of national highway #224 and expressway #48 and is 35km from Taicang port.

kunshan industrial land

Kunshan City

- Located just outside Shanghai, Kunshan covers an area of 927 square kilometers with a population of 700,000.

- With an area accounting for less than 1/10,000 of the China total, Kunshan produces 5% of total China GDP and 2.8% of national foreign trade. 

- attracts 1.8% of national paid-in foreign investment and 1/9 of Taiwanese investment, and 

- manufactures half of all the notebook/laptop computers worldwide.


For additional details please contact:

Bear Logi Co., Ltd.

Attn: Ms. Makitani

Tel: +81 (0)3-5411-8336


+ Mitsubishi Japan to develop 120,000 m2 commercial facility in Yokohama Japan - (21/09/2010)

Mitsubishi Estate will launch the construction of a commercial facility in Minato Mirai 21 (MM21) area in Yokohama Japan in March 2011. The commercial property will have six floors above ground and four below with 117,000 m2 of total floor space. The company is aiming for completion in mid-February 2013 for opening in spring 2013.

Source: Nikkei

+ Tokyo Logistics Event Opens - (16/09/2010)

The 2010 Japan Logistics event ‘LogisTech’ has opened in Tokyo at the Tokyo international Exhibition Center. The event is Asia's leading Material handling & logistics exhibition and is held every 2 years.

GLP Tokyo
Global Logistics Properties Stand

Mapletree Japan Tokyo Logistics Event
Mapletree Stand

Prologis Logistics Event Tokyo
Prologis Stand

A number of industrial real estate companies that operate in Japan are China are exhibiting including ProLogis, GLP and Mapletree.

In addition to these logistics real estate companies there were a various Japanese logistics equipment suppliers offering everything from software to hardware solutions.

eco forklift
Sumitomo Corporation Hybrid Forklift

The event finishes on Friday 17th September.

Source: BearLogi

+ P&G invests in 106,000m2 Logistics Property in China - (16/09/2010)

P&G has built a new $130 million logistics distribution center that will be P&Gs largest Asian distribution center, in Guangzhou, China. The industrial real estate project reflects P & G's commitment to increase investment in China.

The new distribution center in Guangzhou will not only serve the Chinese market but also will serve P & G in South-East Asia and Pacific Rim region.

china distribution centre

The logistics property is 106,000 square meters, with a total storage capacity of 138,000 pallets. 

P&G China Warehouse racking

It features advanced information management systems, real-time stock control to improve supply chain reaction time. 

Hi Tech Logistics China

Other features include improved storage efficiency of 30%, electric picking equipment that uses 48% less energy and a modern Logistics Control Center.

Source: Summary of story from P&G

+ Taiwanese investor acquires Tokyo apartment block - (15/09/2010)

In further signs that foreign investors are returning to the Japan real estate market, a investor based in Taiwan purchased ‘Across Ginza’. The rental apartment building is located in Ginza a high end retail precinct in central Tokyo.

The purchase price was between 1.3 and 1.4 billion yen [$15 million and 16 million USD] and the cap rate was in excess of 6%.


Source: Nikkei

+ YCH Supply Chain to develop USD 40 million Logistics Property in China - (15/09/2010)

Supply Chain Company YCH Group has started development of a new industrial logistics property complex in Xiamen, China.


The new logistics park is known as the “XPD-YCH DistriPark” is located in Xiamen, China. As part of a Joint Venture with the Xiamen Port Development (“XPD”) Co. Ltd, a 609,000 sq. feet state-of-the-art, two-storey ramp-up logistics facility being developed to service the various manufacturers and suppliers located within and nearby Xiamen city.


Strategically located in the Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park next to the bustling SeaPort of Xiamen, the USD 40 million project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2011.


Source: Summary of YCH press release

+ Investors return to Japan Real Estate - (13/09/2010)

Foreign investors are acquiring Japanese property assets as the Japanese real estate sector recovers.


Key deals of foreign investors acquiring Japanese real estate assets since late last year:




DEAL SIZE (approx USD$)

U.S. Fortress

Property-related loans


Germany SEB Asset Mgmt

Shopping mall


Singapore Mapletree

Logistics facilities


DeutscheBank's DBBKGn.DE RREEF

Office building


Hong Kong's HKR Int'l



Hong Kong's Keck Seng 






* U.S. Blackstone plans to acquire Morgan Stanley property loans worth $1.1 billion.

* Singapore's CDL Hospitality seeks acquisitions in Vietnam, India and Japan, with plans to invest up to $423 million in new hotels.

* Mapletree Investments, a property firm owned by Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings, plans to launch a Japan property fund worth nearly $1 billion.

* U.S. Franklin Templeton is raising $300 million for a real estate funds to invest in Asia, including Japanese property debt.

* Asia-focused fund investor Pacific Alliance Group expects to invest as much as $500 million in Japan for the next year or so from $200 million now.

* LaSalle Investment Management plans to invest $3.3 billion in Japanese property over the next 18 months.


Source: Reuters



+ GIC logistics to launch $3 billion IPO  - (10/09/2010)

Singapore's sovereign fund GIC's logistics unit is reportedly launching an initial public offering which could raise up to $3 billion with investor roadshows starting Sept 23.


The IPO for Global Logistic Properties (GLP), potentially the biggest ever in Singapore since Singapore Telecommunications will likely be priced on October 8


Source: Reuters

+ China factory growth may slow to 10 % - (10/09/2010)

Annual growth in Chinese factory output will slow to 10 percent in the second half of this year, a government official said on Tuesday.


Beijing's drive against property speculation will reduce demand for everything from steel and cement to furniture.


Industrial production grew 13.4 percent in the year to July. The ministry had previously said factory output growth would slow to just above 10 percent in the second half of 2010.


Source: Economic Times

+ TNT China introduces electric delivery fleet - (09/09/2010)

TNT, the leading global international express company, today unveiled the industry’s first pure electric vehicle fleet in China.

The fleet further bolsters the company’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the express industry and has received strong endorsement from the Shanghai government.

Initially comprised of five vehicles, the electric vehicle fleet is produced by Dongfeng Motor, one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers. The vehicles are entirely locally sourced, including design, manufacturing and assembly.

After a successful three-month trial operation, the fleet is now fully operational in Shanghai. Designed to meet the distinct operational requirements of the express industry, these zero-emissions vehicles are powered by lithium batteries and feature high-tech monitoring systems that record power consumption data during operation, allowing for continuous optimisation for delivery routes.

TNT’s global objective is to improve its CO2 efficiency by 45% by 2020.


Source: TNT

+ Japan Logistics Fund, sales amount 5.6% up & operational profits 8.3% up - (09/09/2010)

According to Japan Logistics Fund’s announcement on 7 September 2010, the business performance (REIT) for the period from 1 February 2010 to 31 July 2010 is as follows: 4,834,000,000 JPY of sales amount (year-to year +5.6%), 2,549,000,000 JPY of operating profits (+8.3), 2,276,000,000 JPY of current profit (+7.9%) and 2,725,000,000 JPY of profit of the term (+8.0%).

As results of Japan Logistics Fund’s acquisition of Narashino Logistics Center II (7,875,000,000 JPY) and completion of a new warehouse building in the project to rebuild Daito Logistics Center, Japan Logistics Fund invests in real estate of 27 properties etc. in total (total amount of acquisition 125,825,000,000 JPY) and the total assets is 127,652,000,000 JPY at the end of this term.

Forecast for investment status for the period from 1 August 2010 to 31 January 2011 is as follows: 5,382,000,000 JPY of sales amount (+11.3%), 2,888,000,000 JPY of operating profits (+13.3), 2,556,000,000 JPY of current profit (+12.3%) and 2,555,000,000 JPY of profit of the term (+12.3%).

Forecast for the period from 1 February 2011 to 31 July 2011 is as follows: 5,439,000,000 JPY of sales amount (+1.1%), 2,794,000,000 JPY of operating profits (-3.3), 2,488,000,000 JPY of current profit (-2.7%) and 2,487,000,000 JPY of profit of the term (-2.7%).

Source: Japan Logistics Fund, Inc

+ Japan Logistics Real Estate best performer of J-REITS - (08/09/2010)

The following is a list of the best performing listed Japanese Real Estate entities (J-REITs) over the past three years. Japan Logistics Real Estate was the best performing property class highlighting its stability even through the financial crisis. Investors seem to appreciate the stable cash flow benefits, long term leases and structural drivers that keep logistics properties in demand in Japan.


J-REITs with the best performing real estate over the last three years to December 2009

 1Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (3.9%)

 2Starts Proceed Investment Corporation. (2.4%)

 3Advance Residence Investment Corporation. (1.5%)

 4Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation. (0.9%)

 5United Urban Investment Corporation. (-0.1%)


J-REITs with the best performing real estate over the last two years to December 2009

 1Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (4.6%)

 2Starts Proceed Investment Corporation. (2.7%)

 3Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation. (0.3%)

 4Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation. (0.2%)

 5Fukuoka REIT Corporation. (-0.1%)


J-REITs with the best performing real estate over the last year to December 2009

 1Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (8.0%)

 2Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation. (4.2%)

 3Fukuoka REIT Corporation. (3.6%)

 4Starts Proceed Investment Corporation. (3.5%)

 5United Urban Investment Corporation. (3.5%)


Source: IPD with comments from BearLogi

+ Midsize Japanese Developers resume investment in Tokyo - (07/09/2010)

Tosei Corp. will resume buying land for development, as well as existing structures, after having suspended such activities when the recession brought sales screeching to a halt.


This property in Chuo Ward marks just the beginning of Tosei's planned purchases.

Convinced that the market is recovering, the midsize real estate firm plans by the end of next year to acquire properties to be sold for an aggregate of 50 billion yen.


Tosei recently bought a condominium development site in Tokyo's Chuo Ward and is also set to acquire a dozen parcels, including one in the capital city's Mitaka, for condo development.


Tosei's shopping list also includes office buildings, condos and commercial facilities, mostly in greater Tokyo. Up until now, the firm has upgraded purchased properties for resale to businesses and investors. The company will focus initially on buying smaller properties then perform major makeovers and sell them to homebuyers.


Source: Summary of Nikkei story

+ Chinese Stimulus Package - (06/09/2010)

The government should accelerate state-backed construction projects that have already been started, the country's powerful planning agency said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.


The National Development and Reform Commission said any investment projects forming part of the government's 4 trillion yuan ($585 billion) stimulus package should be launched before the autumn. The package, a two-year investment plan, was announced in November 2008.


Source: Reuters

+ Bilateral trade between China & Japan - (06/09/2010)

Preliminary statistics indicate that China has edged past Japan to become the world's second biggest economy, with the United States remaining the world's biggest by far.


Japan's second-quarter unadjusted GDP totaled $1.2883 trillion on a nominal dollar basis, against China's second-quarter unadjusted GDP of $1.3369 trillion.


The GDP of Japan and China combined account for about 17 percent of the world's total output.


China-Japan trade rebounded in the first half of 2010 after slumping in the global financial crisis. The two countries' bilateral trade reached 12.6 trillion yen ($149.2 billion) in value in the first half, a jump of 34.5 percent on the same time last year, according to Japanese statistics. Two-way trade between China and Japan totaled 21.7 trillion yen in 2009.


China has been Japan's biggest trading partner since 2009.


Source: Reuters

+ Japan Logifield Research Institute. Inc held a logistics property seminar - (06/09/2010)

Japan Logifield Research Institute Inc. (President : Mr. Toshiaki Tsuji), who does consulting and business matching etc. for logistics market, held a logistics property seminar for logistics operators.

Logifield Japan

The contents of the seminar were, the actual status and possibilities on the strategy for international shipping hubs in Japan presented by Mr. Tsuji, the demand change in domestic Japanese logistic property market presented by Orix Real Estate, and logistics developments in China.

The seminar was hosted by Logistics Investment Department of Orix Real Estate Corporation and the next one will be held in coming December 2010.

+ ECO-MAnufacture Japan 2010, Sep 15th-17th - (03/09/2010)

Tokyo Japan Exhibitor's Product and Technology Seminar

The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan and Japan Management Association are proud to extend an invitation to "Exhibitor's Product and Technology Seminar" which will be held during ECO-MAnufacture 2010. These provide exhibitors with an expanded forum for presenting their latest products, technologies and services. The seminar will be a unique opportunity to convey the advantages of your company's offerings in detail and compound the effectiveness of your exhibition.

Exhibition: ECO-MAnufacture 2010

Date: September 15 (Wed.) ~ 17 (Fri.), 2010

Venue: TOKYO BIG SIGHT (Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Japan)

Organized by: The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan

                   Japan Management Association

Scale: 200 companies / 300 booths (planned)

Number of entry: 16,000 specialists (expected)

Entrance fee: JPY 1,000 (tax included)
*Free admission with an invitation ticket, for students, and for overseas visitors with their passports.

Source: JMA

+ LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2010 - (03/09/2010)

LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2010 key word focus will be on “Eco-Friendly” and “Global”!

Japan Management Association and 6 related organizations, will hold LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2010, at Tokyo Big Site, for 4 days, from Tuesday, September 14th, 2010. 

It is the only trade show in Japan that focuses on logistics management and distribution systems,  highly important for economic activities. 

Every two years, LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2010 has been held since 1994, and this year marks the 9th anniversary of the show. The main theme is, “Logistics innovation pioneers the future - environmental harmony and globalization-”, Variety of products and services related the theme will be gathered at the show to support logistics management activities.

This year features several lectures regarding issues on Logistics in Asian countries including:

1.Eco-Friendly Packing System

2.Global Logistics Solution

3.Safe and Eco-Friendly Truck Transportation

4.ConferenceLogistics in major Asian countries

The show is the largest in Asia with, 400 companies and 1,800 booths. 125,000 professionals are expected to visit from a wide range of industries as well as management executives mainly from manufactures and distributors.


+ Senko opens build to suit distribution centre in Osaka - (02/09/2010)

ProLogis a Global provider of industrial real estate and distribution facilities has successfully completed a new built to suit the warehouse in Osaka, Japan known as ‘Prologis Maishima IV’.

The industrial property is located in Maishima Osaka and was built for Senko Co. as a base for new storage and shipping for the company in the Kansai region.

"ProLogis Maishima IV" Overview & Features

Name:    ProLogis IV Maishima

Location:             1-4-53, Konohana-ku, Osaka 

Site area:             Approximately 19,559m2(approximately 5,916 tsubo)

Total floor area:   Approximately 63,922m2 (approximately 19,336 tsubo)

Structure:            RC + S Building, 05 stories above ground

Groundbreaking: September 2009

Completion:         August 2010


- Ramp access to second floor

- Total of 54 truck berths (floor 1 and 3)

- 6 dock levelers

- 2 cargo elevators

- 14 vertical cargo lifters

- 5 passenger elevators

- 100 car parking spaces

- "CASBEE Osaka" A Class.

Source: Prologis and Senko press releases

+ Tokyo Outer Ring road, to resume acquiring land between Nerima & Setagaya - (02/09/2010)

The Tokyo Outer Ring Road project that had been effectively suspended last year in a regime change has once again started to move with land acquisition in Tokyo. However, with a project cost ranging from 2.2 trillion yen the final outcome of the project is far from certain.


The outer ring road has a total length of about 85 km and the new 16km section between Nerima and Setagaya in western Tokyo is expected to reduce travel times to the Tomei Expressway. The new section of road is also estimated to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) by around 300,000 tons a year.

tokyo loop road

Source: Summary of article that appeared in Nikkei

+ Dutch Pension Fund to increase real estate investment in Asia - (01/09/2010)

APG, which manages about 250 billion euros for the largest Dutch pension fund, says it plans to increase its real estate investment in Asia by one billion euros in three to five years. The Netherlands-based pension fund manager, which has four billion euros of real estate assets in the region, plans to invest in residential properties in emerging markets such as China and India to profit from rising housing demand. APG aims to increase its allocation in Asia to 24% of assets, from 21% recently, in the next three to five years. Currently, about 80% of APG’s real estate investment in Asia is allocated to developed countries including Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

Source: Bloomberg

+ $1 Billion Japan Property Fund to be launched - (01/09/2010)

Mapletree Investments plans to launch a USD300 to 500 million Japanese property fund this year as it looks to expand in the country’s property sector. The Japan Business Space Fund will own, with leverage, a portfolio worth USD1 to 1.5 billion of business-related properties such as data centres, call centres, research and development facilities and office buildings just outside of Central Tokyo and the fringes of other big cities in Japan. Mapletree will take a 20% to 40% stake in the fund, which is expected to be launched by 4Q 2010.

Source: Reuters

+ French Bank to increase asian real estate finance - (01/09/2010)

Societe Generale plans to more than double the amount it lends on property in Asia according to Bloomberg news. The French bank will increase its property allocation to the Asia region to 20% by 2012. Half of the increase will be in Japan where price declines have made property an attractive investment. Asian economic growth outside Japan continued to be strong which underpins a lot of real-estate activities. The bank also said there was a concern in the region that if the market picked up there may not be enough finance available to meet demand.

Source: Bloomberg

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