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Fukuyama to open new branch in Fujisawa, Kanagawa - (25/11/2011)

On November 8th Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd has announced that Fujisawa branch that has been ongoing under construction just opened on November 7.

Fujisawa is the 7th branch in Kanagawa prefecture that covers Isehara, Atsugi, Ebina, Ayase, Hiratsuka, Fujisara, a part of Hara-shi Midori-ku, Takaza-gun, and Aiko-gun. The former Isehara branch will be demolished because of partial eminent domain to build up new distribution center. Fujisawa terminal has 5 stories large scale facilities with truck terminal and logistics space under three layer construction model equipped with cutting edge cargo sorting system. 

fujisawa branch

[Overview of Fujisawa branch]

Start of operation: 2011.11.07

Name: Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd Fujisawa branch

Location: 920-1 kuzuhara Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 0466-48-7292, FAX. 0466-48-6886

Site space: 32,872.00 m2

Construction space: 14,869.60 m2

Total floor space: 31,166.20 m2

Floor space:

1F 4,804 m2

3F 4,362 m2

4F 6,798 m2

Number of allocated trucks:

2t: 56

4t: 40

Large: 12,  Total: 108


Source: Fukuyama Transporting (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Konoike Transport to build new DC in Miyagi - (18/11/2011)

Konoike Transport announced that it had acquired new distribution center construction site in Kurokawa-gun Miyagi prefecture on October 26. It will act as a base to increase their fixed temperature transportation network. 

The logistics property construction will start on April 2012, and be completed by January 2013. Konoike Cool Logistics Tohoku is located nearby Sendai airport in Iwanuma-shi. This is an area that was severely damaged by the Tohoku Earthquake and following tsunami.

Konoike intends to concentrate the warehouse operations of former KCL Tohoku through the building of this new distribution center. 


[Overview of new distribution center]

Location: Shin Tomiya garden city industrial area, Tomiya-cho Kurokawa-gun Miyagi

(approx. 2.4 km from Izumi IC, Tohoku Expressway)

Site space: approx. 14,000m2

Construcution: steel-frame 3 stories


Source: Konoike Transport (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Senko to complete “Noda 2nd PD Center” on Chiba - (02/11/2011)

On October 20, Senko announced that it had completed construction of “Noda 2nd PD Center”, and would start operation from 1st November 2011.

Noda 2nd PD center composes of three stories building with 29,805 m2 total floor space which has been built to strengthen logistics services in Kanto region. The facilities are annexed to the “Noda 1st PD Center” which started operation from this August.  The total floor space of these two facilities becomes 110,000 m2, which will be the largest logistics base of Senko.

Noda 2nd PD center is capable of loading 32 trucks cargo from both side of the center, and of loading cargo correspondent to each specification dividing ground floor into high and low level. It also pay attention to the environmental load deduction furnishing solar generator equipment and low energy consuming LED lights on the facilities


[Overview of the facilities]

Name: Noda 2nd PD Center

Location: 3-4-1 Izumi Noda-shi Chiba

Site space: 21,607 m2

Construction: steel frame / 3 stories above ground

Total floor space: 29,805 m2

Equipment: 3 vertical conveyors / 4 elevators for cargo

Start of operation: 2011.11.01

Senko Noda

[Overview of Noda 1nd PD Center]

Name: Noda 2nd PD Center

Location: 1-1-6 Izumi Noda-shi Chiba

Site space: 67,612 m2

Construction: steel frame / 3 stories above ground

Total floor space: 79,835 m2

Equipment: Automatic warehouse (capable to stock 13,700 pallets)

6 vertical conveyors / 6 elevators for cargo

Start of operation: 2011.08.01


Source: Senko (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Tokyo Truck Show 2011 - (01/11/2011)

The 2011 Tokyo Japan Truck Show was held Oct 27 to 29th at Tokyo Big Site. The event show cased a number of logistics related trucks and equipment from major providers such as Hino, Nissan, and Volvo. Of note was a zero emission electric truck prototype as well as a number of Hybrid trucks that have become popular. The event also displayed the latest ‘wing’ style bodies by companies like Trantechs, which are likely unique to Japan and allow opening of an entire truck body for unloading within 5 seconds at the press of a button. The canopy once open also protects the cargo from rain.

tokyo truck show

Source: Bear Logi

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