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Yokohama city to sell land at Torihama-cho, Kanazawa - (20/12/2010)

The city of Yokohama, for rationalization of assets is making a public sale of city-owned land at Torihama-cho, Kanazawa-ku by the fixed price proposal method. To ensure this fixed sales method is effective, fair and equitable, a screening panel will review the contents of the project.

The southern coastal industrial area where the city-owned land is for public sale (public offering land) is located is an area which has manufacturing and distribution bases using maritime traffic as well as R&D facilities.

Given the land is located in the harbor district (industrial port area) and can utilise maritime traffic. it is considered rare.

Therefore, in this public sale, the expected projector will be determined in an appropriate manner by the fixed price proposal method. The application guide will be distributed from December 15, 2010.

Overview of public offering

1. Overview of public offering land





10-6 and 9, Torihama-cho, Kanazawa-ku

Category of land

Building site

Area (actual measurement)

9,332.92 m2

Zoning (building coverage ratio / floor area ratio)

Industrial use only zone (60% / 200%)


about 3.3km from JR "Shin-sugita” station

about 1.5km from Seaside Line "Torihama" station

2. Scheduled intended use

As specified below out of the intended use of harbor district (industrial port district)


- Plant and its ancillary facilities operating manufacturing business which depends on maritime or harbor transport for transportation of raw materials or products and associated business

- Wholesale and exhibition facilities and distributive processing  facilities attached to the plant of above and ancillary facilities of these

- Shipyard and its ancillary facilities

R & D facilities

- Research and development facilities regarding science technology (excluding one related only to humanities) and its ancillary facilities

Distribution business facilities

- Wholesale and exhibition facilities and distributive processing  facilities attached to the facilities for disposal of goods and for storage and ancillary facilities of these

- Truck Terminal and its ancillary facilities to be used for the transportation of cargo by using the port

3. Public sale price

 JPY 543,175,944 in total (Unit price: JPY 58,200 / m2)

4. Schedule of public offering

Distribution of application guide

From December 15, 2010

Acceptance of applications

From January 24, 2011 to January 31, 2011

Decision of the expected projector

At the end of March 2011

*The expected projector will be decided after reviewed by the committee separately established.

5. Point of contact for application guide, inquiry and acceptance of application

Property Coordination Section, Contract Property Department, General Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama

4F, Yokohama city hall

1-1, Minato-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city, 231-0017

Contact: Suzuki / Oyama

Phone: 045 -671 -2269 (direct)

FAX: 045-662-5369

*Application guide is not available on the web.

Source: Yokohama City Government

+ PGGM invests $75m in Chinese real estate - (15/12/2010)

A joint venture between UBS Global Asset Management and Gemdale Corporation has completed a second successful closing after Dutch investor PGGM agreed to commit as much as $75m (€56.6m) to Chinese real estate. The real estate developments will focus on China’s second-tier cities.

PGGM's commitment brings the size of the venture to nearly $200m. It saw its first successful closing on 31 March, with more than $100m in commitments.

Source: IP Real Estate 

+ Grosvenor to launch new property fund in Japan - (15/12/2010)

Grosvenor Fund Management has appointed Mr Morgan Laughlin to the newly created role of Managing Director for Grosvenor Fund Management, Asia Pacific based in Tokyo.

The appointment is part of the investment managers' efforts to increase capital allocation to Asia and grow the fund management business in Asia. A new multi-sector property fund will be launched in Japan where Grosvenor has been operating since 1994. It currently has three funds in Japan and one in China on behalf of 24 investors.

Source: Wall Street Online (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Japanese 3PLs Research - (14/12/2010)

Bear Logi has released 1 new data sheet report on the Japanese logistics market. The report shows the list of Japanese 3PL-related companies.

Japanese 3PLs

+ Toll wins Asia Supply Chain Award - (13/12/2010)

Toll Group is one of the Asia Pacific region’s leading logistics providers, and its Global Logistics Division has won an award for best third party logistics (3PL) supply chain provider in Asia.

The award was given at the CHaINA awards ceremony held in Shanghai, China in November.  Toll with key customer, Colgate-Palmolive, was commended for its proven excellence in developing and delivering supply chain solutions throughout China.

Source: Toll Group

+ Daiwahouse to develop “Hokusetsu Sanda 2nd Techno Park” in Sanda city, Hyogo prefecture - (13/12/2010)

On 6 Dec. 2010 Daiwahouse Industry Co., Ltd got an approval from Hyogo prefecture on the land reallocation project of “Hokusetsu Sanda 2nd Techno Park” (HSTP2). This is the largest development of industrial park in Daiwahouse’s history and it will start development in Jan. 2011. Further, it will proactively try to attract enterprises to the HSTP2.

Project Overview

1. Project History

On 17 Sep. 2009, Daiwahouse concluded the tentative land transfer contract with the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) in order to have business succession on the land which UR had planned to develop as “Hokusetu Sanda Second Techno Park”. And on 6 Dec. 2010, Daiwahouse got an approval from Hyogo prefecture on land reallocation project and will develop the HSTP2.

2. Industrial Park

2.1 Scale

Together with “Hokusetsu Sanda Techno Park” next to the HSTP2, the total project area is about 233ha and this is the second largest industrial park in the inland area of Hyogo prefecture.

In the HSTP2, various type of enterprises can scrap and build bases such as large facilities; manufacturing and logistics ones, and laboratory, as well as establishment of a new base of the area.

The total project area is approximately 97ha (approx. 290,000 tsubo, 957,000m2). The area scheduled to be sold is about 23.2ha (about 70,000 tsubo, 231,000m2) in the first period and about 23.8ha (about 72,000 tsubo, 237,6000m2) in the second period.

2.2 Location

The HSTP2 is a large industrial park which plays a part of Sanda Hokusetsu New Town in Sanda city, Hyogo prefecture. It is about 50km far from Osaka city and about 40km far from Kobe city, which means it is within economic zone and commutable area of these cities.

2.3. In the future

Daiwahouse is to conclude the land transfer contract with the UR agency in January 2011. From now on it will start land preparation work and selling project land on condition that the purchaser shall give the seller a contract for the building of any facility.

Daiwahouse will aim to revitalize the area by proactively attracting enterprises to the HSTP2 in collaboration with Hyogo prefecture, Sanda city and the UR.At the same time it will propose welfare facilities (residence, dormitory, corporate housing, etc.) for the enterprises to move into the HSTP2.

3. Overview of HSTP2

Name: Hokusetsu Sanda 2nd Techno Park

Location: Kami-uchigami and Shimo-aino, etc., Sanda city, Hyogo prefecture

Project scale: to be about JPY 30 billion (USD 357 million)

Total project area: about 97ha (about 290,000 tsubo, 957,000 m2)

Area to be sold: about 47ha (about 142,000 tsubo, 468,600 m2)

4. Project schedule

6 Dec. 2010 Approval on land reallocation project from Hyogo prefecture

Jan. 2011 Conclusion of land transfer contract (schedule)

Beginning of the 1st period land preparation work (schedule)

Beginning of the 1st period sales (schedule)

Mar. 2013 Completion of the 1st period land preparation work (schedule)

Apr. 2013 Beginning of the 2nd period land preparation work (schedule)

Mar. 2015 Completion of the 2nd period land preparation work (schedule)


Source: Daiwahouse Industry (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Top 50 Global 3PLs Research - (08/12/2010)

Bear Logi has released 1 new data sheet report on the global logistics market. The report outlines top 50 global 3PLs by revenue during 2006-2009.

Top 50 Global 3PLs

+ YLG Japan Real Estate Year-End Event - (08/12/2010)

The ULI Japan's Young Leaders Group is having its Year-End Event!

Date: Wednesday, December 8

Time: from 7:00pm 

Venue: Space Shower TV The Diner

(Shibuya Prime 5F, 2-29-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

This is a great opportunity to network with new and old friends from the Japanese real estate community in a casual and friendly environment.

All are welcome so please invite your co-workers and business partners to join us.

ULI Japan

COI Uchikanda Bldg. 8F 3-2-8 Uchikanda

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047

TEL 03-5297-6132

FAX 03-5297-6133

Visit ULI Main Website

Visit ULI Japan Website

+ Result of takeover of common shares and new share subscription right in J-REP Co., Ltd - (07/12/2010)

Macquarie Goodman Japan Pte Ltd (MGJ) started a takeover of common shares and new share subscription right in J-REP Co., Ltd (J-REP) a Japanese industrial real estate and fund management company on 18 Oct. 2010 and ended it on 1 Dec. 2010.

1. Overview of takeover

1.1 Name and address of the acquirer

Macquarie Goodman Japan Pte Ltd

6 Battery Road, # 33-01, Singapore 049 909

1.2 Name of the target

J-REP Co., Ltd

1.3 Kind of shares for takeover

Common shares and new share subscription right

1.4 Number of shares to be acquired

- Number of shares to Be Acquired: 172,299

- Upper and lower limit of number of shares to be acquired: None

1.5 Period of takeover

- Scheduled Period of takeover: from Mon., 18 Oct. 2010 to Wed., 1 Dec. 2010 (31 working days)

- Possibility of extension based on the request of the target: None

1.6 Price of takeover

- Common share: JPY 35,000 per share

- New share subscription right: JPY 1 per right

2. Result of takeover

- Outcome of takeover: since upper nor lower limit of shares to be acquired had been set in this takeover, all the shares applied for this takeover are to be acquired.

- Number of shares acquired

 Shares: 29,717

 Total: 29,717

3. Policy after the takeover and future prospect

In view of the number of the shares applied, MGJ is now looking to follow the procedures to acquire 100% ownership of J-REP written on the takeover start publication and takeover notification form. In the future, once MGJ decides to do so, MGJ or J-REP will make an immediate announcement. Furthermore, MGJ may consider acquiring common shared of the target additionally in the market in the future.

Source: J-REP

+ Japanese General Contractors and Expected Cap Rate Research - (06/12/2010)

Bear Logi has released 2 new data sheet reports on the Japanese Industrial Real Estate Market. The reports outline Japanese general contractors and transition of expected cap rate of logistics property in Japanese major cities.

Japanese General Contractors

Expected Cap Rate of Japanese Logistics Property

+ Japanese Land Use Zoning, Planning and Construction Research - (01/12/2010)

Bear Logi has released 2 new data sheet reports on the Japanese Industrial Real Estate Market. The reports outline the typical zoning, planning and construction process flow in Japan for the building of warehouses and logistics properties.

"Zoning Process.pdf"

"Planning and Construction Process.pdf "

+ Narita Airport to cut landing fees up to 50% - (01/12/2010)

Narita International Airport Corp. plans to lower its notoriously high landing fees by 30-50% for certain carriers in a bid to attract more foreign airlines and strengthen its status as a major international hub.

The operator of Narita airport, the main international gateway to Tokyo, intends to implement the change at the end of March next year. The lower rates will be applicable to new foreign carriers as well as to existing airlines that plan to offer more international flights.

The discounts will likely be offered for six months to a year, but may be extended by up to three years.

The airport operator will submit the new rates to the International Air Transport Association early next year for approval.

Landing fees at Narita were reduced for all carriers by 7% in November last year. When that program expires next March, the discount will either be scrapped or lowered.

A midsize aircraft must pay about 310,000 yen to land at Narita, compared with about 50,000 yen at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport and 180,000 yen at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Source: Nikkei

+ JTB Cargo announces the change of shareholder - (01/12/2010)

On 26 Nov. 2010, JTB Cargo Inc. announced the change of shareholder.

JTB Cargo Inc. was originally founded in 1969 as a 100% subsidiary of JTB (Japan Travel Bureau Inc.), and has been engaged in international forwarding business for 41 years long.

In accordance with the JTB (the parent company)’s recent decision that they would sell their whole stocks to MITSUI SOKO CO., LTD (warehousing industry leader and total logistics provider in Japan), JTB Cargo Inc. will be launching as a 100 subsidiary of MITSUI SOKO Co., LTD, taking the role of major player of international forwarding business within their MITSUI SOKO Co., LTD Group as of March 1st, 2011 onward.

Details of the name of the company would be announced shortly. JTB Cargo’s business scale and function would be continued without any change and hopefully through the realization of synergy with the great resources MITSUI SOKO CO., LTD has, JTB Cargo could integrate their service menus in addition to existing forwarding business, and provide high-valued satisfaction to the customers in the world.
And furthermore, this change of ownership would contribute to strengthen their business function and could be the ignition of continued their development into the future.

This announcement was made to urgently inform of just the change of shareholder while the details of transforming procedures to new company have been remained unfixed yet.

Source: JTB Cargo

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