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Japan Logistics Systems to open Noda Center - (21/12/2011)

On December 12 Japan Logistics Systems announced that it would open a new logistics center inside of “Logistics Park Noda Funagata (Noda city, Chiba) from January 1st, due to the business expansion of its electronic related customers.

The facilities are considered as a significant hub to provide the best logistics service that has been accumulated with many years’ experience of electronics distribution to the customers.


[Overview of the facilities]

1.   Name: Japan Logistics Systems Corporation Noda Center

2.   Location: Logistics Park Noda Funagata 2F 2-1-3 Izumi Noda-shi, Chiba

3.   Accessibility:

Approx. 11km from Kashiwa IC, Joban Express way

           20km from Iwatsuki IC, Tohoku Express way

            2km from Tobu Noda line

4.   Warehouse area: 19,039 m2


Source: Japan Logistics Systems (edited and translated by Bear Logi)  


+ Senko completes Hyuga PD Center in Miyazaki - (13/12/2011)

On December 9 Senko announced that it had completed Hyuga PD Center in Hoshoshima Port, Miyazaki. The PD center was to build in order to concentrate warehouse hubs that has been diversified in north part of Miyazaki, as well as to enlarge warehouse space. The center starts its operation from December 12. 

Senko conducts logistics center, distribution inside of warehouses, port logistics operations in north part of Miyazaki (Nobeoka, Hyuga city). Although there are 16 warehouses in north par, those needs to be scrap & build because of physical obsolescence, elimination of inefficiency, and enlarging warehouse scale corresponding to the demand on the increasing cargo amount from existent and new customers. 

Hososhima port, where Hyuga PD center is located, is designated as a strategic port in August 2010, and it has been invested by Miyazaki prefecture and Hyuga city. Hyuga PD also handles various kinds of import-export cargos as bonded warehouse. 

Hyuga PD center is a steel-frame one story warehouse with 24,437 m2 composing  of multi-usage free warehouse (10,472 m2) and fixed temperature warehouse (5,938 m2) furnished with dust & insect proof. 13 m eaves has been attached between the warehouses to keep approx. 6,000 m2 truck berth and loading & unloading spaces which enables to handle cargo even in bad weather. 

An up-to-date WMS (Warehouse Management System) utilizing Cloud has been installed in Hyuga PD Center which controls location and operation process to improve the accuracy of storage, shipment and inventory. 

senko hyuga PD

Overview of the warehouse

Name: Hyuga PD center

Location: 1-43 Takeshima-cho Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki

Site area: 40,396 m2


steel-frame, one-story warehouse (Office: two stories above ground)

Total floor space: 24,437 m2

Free warehouse: 10,472 m2

Fixed temperature warehouse: 5,938 m2

Office: 1,194 m2

Vanning: 750 m2

Shimoya: 6,084 m2

Start of operation: December 12, 2011


Source: Senko (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ TOLL completes new logistics facility in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture - (12/12/2011)

A 3PL service provider, Footwork Express Co., Ltd. (FWE) based in Esaka City, Osaka Prefecture held the completion ceremony on 8 December 2011 at the site located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture. 

The new logistics facility will have both of warehouse and terminal on the site of about 9,200 tsubo (approx. 30,470m2) and is a result of consolidation of FWE’s current 2 branches aiming at the promotion of streamlining. It will be used exclusively by FWE. 

After having become a member of international logistics enterprise TOLL Group based in Melbourne, Australia in 2009, FWE has invested heavily into new truck fleet, personnel, technology and depot network, and customers can look forward to an enhanced offering from FWE as a result. The construction of this facility is a part of FWE’s ongoing strategy of strengthening its large network to offer customers. 

The participants at the ceremony included:

- Mr. Paul Little, current Chief Executive Officer

- Mr. Brian Kruger, next CEO,

- Mr. Shane O'Neill Express Operation Officer,

- Yahagi Construction Co., Ltd. (design and construction)

- Neil Pollington, CEO in Japan

- Matthew Zann, President, Bear Logi Co., Ltd. (Project and Construction Management) 

The construction started in April 2011, and completed without any accidents or damages. 

New facility design has environmentally friendly design features such as extensive natural lighting, water sensitive design and reuse of water, auto light sensors that adjust when lighting so only used when light levels get low. Building features high rated insulation to reduce need for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Safety is very important at FWE and sight planning separates pedestrian, cars and trucks. Warehouse also features extensive guard rails for worker safety. Security is also high level with all site access restricted and strictly monitored. Benefits are for people. 

Toll will accelerate its operational strategy utilizing and straightening existent service network.

Toll komaki (1)

Toll Komaki (2)

Toll Komaki (3)

 【Facility Overview】


Komaki Branch, Footwork Express Co., Ltd.


298 Aza-Nishijima, Kamitagara-cho, Kasugai-City, Aichi Prefecture

Site area

Approx. 30,470 m2


Approx. 8,208 m2


Logistics center


Steel-framed, 3-story above ground


April 2011


November 2011


Point of contact for this press release:

Public Relations Office, Bear Logi Co., Ltd.

TEL: +81-(0)3-5411-8336

+ Bear Logi releases new Japan Land & Construciton Prices Datasheet - (12/12/2011)

On December 12, Bear Logi updated new land & construction prices datasheet.

The datasheet is available at;

+ Bear Logi releases 2011 Japan Logistics Property Market share data sheet - (07/12/2011)

On December 7 Bear Logi released new Japan Industrial property market share data sheet.

The datasheet is available at;

+ Bear Logi releases 2011 Japan Logistics Property Transaction data sheet - (07/12/2011)

On December 7, Bear Logi Co., Ltd released a new Japan Logistics Property Transaction data sheet. 

It is available for download here

+ ULI Japan's Young Leaders Group Year-End Event! - (06/12/2011)

The ULI Japan's Young Leaders Group invites you to the YLG Year-End Event!



Thursday, December 8


7:00pm – 9.00pm (Doors open 6:30pm)



Ebisu-Fort, 1-24-2 Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo




Free entrance and cash bar. (Guests are offered one free drink, with all subsequent drinks priced at 500 yen.)

Finger food generously sponsored by

Cornes – Insurance for Real Estate.


* Please note that a cloak service will not be available at the venue. A space in the restaurant will be reserved for coats and baggage, however, we cannot guarantee availability for every guest or accept liability for individual items.


This is a great opportunity to network with new and old friends from the real estate community in a casual and friendly environment.

All are welcome so please invite your co-workers and business partners to join us.


ULI Japan Website

CORNES Website – Insurance for Real Estate


This is our final program for 2011 so we look forward to seeing you there!


YLG Steering Committee

(For more information about YLG activities, please contact the YLG Steering Committee at



ULI thanks the following companies and organizations for their generous support of the Young Leaders Group activities:


Baker & McKenzie GJBJ





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