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Eco Manufacture 2009 Tokyo, Japan - (08/12/2009)

Eco Manufacture 2009 - Review


Bear Logi attended the Eco-Manufacture 2009 in Tokyo which was held from November 18-20. The exhibition featured numerous new eco products form Japan for use within factories and warehouses. In addition to manufacturers from Japan, other countries represented included China and Korea who also show-cased their latest innovative devices for reducing energy consumption and improving factory efficiency thereby reducing waste.


It was pleasing to note that many manufacturers introduced products and services that could be retrofitted to existing warehouses and factories at a reasonable cost. One example was an insulation panel that attached to the metal roof or walls via magnets. This one idea could make your warehouse or factory eminently more comfortable for your workers and importantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.


Tokyo eco products - green roof   Tokyo eco products - reflective shade cloth

Tokyo Eco - Left. Vegetated green roof  for warehouses & factories. Right. Reflective cloth style, lightweight & economical.


Other eco products include various ‘green’ walls and roofs which are attached post construction, but increasingly part of the initial design specification. Green walls and roofs are generally vegetated matter (moss, grass or creeping vines) planted in either normal soil or more commonly in a synthetic material to keep weight down.

In addition to the organic vegetated versions, a number of mesh and cloth shading mechanisms were on display that were both light weight and very economical.


All of these devices have the aim of reducing the thermal heat island effect that is typical in many dense asian cities where land is scarce and so utilizing rooftop space for vegetation becomes a necessity. In addition to being functional, these green walls and roofs are aesthetically pleasing and make great break out spaces when rooftop access is available.


Contact us at bearlogi should you require more details about any of the products mentioned in this story.




Eco Manufacture 2009


  • Eco Products Fair 2009
  • Date: December 10-12, 2009
  • Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
  • Description: Japanese environmental and industrial technologies are considered by some to be the best in the world. However, these technologies have not expanded as much as expected, and the issues related to global warming are becoming more urgent. To encourage wider use of environmentally friendly products, we cannot simply rely on businesses or technologies to lead the way; we need to make use of social power, which includes the power of the national and local governments, NPOs, students and citizens. Eco-Products 2009 is an exhibition of the power of business persons, the consuming public and students, as well as companies and governments.

+ Investment Seminar in Kunshan, China - (22/10/2009)

Bear Logi attends Investment Seminar in Kunshan, China.

Kunshan is located in southern Jiangsu Provence, close to Shanghai. Kunshan has rapidly progressed to be one of the main advanced manufacturing centres in China. Kunshan was the number one export development zone in China in 2009. It is reported that more than half the worlds laptop PCs are now manufactured in Kunshan.

Bear Logi was pleased to be a guest at the Autumn conference, which also co-incided with the 20th anniversary celebrations of Kunshan being promoted to city level status.

The conference show-cased many great investment opportunities for industrial properties. The infrastructure of the region has developed at a rapid pace with many multi-nationals developing projects in the region. Bear Logi is currently investigating several investment opportunities as a result of the conference.

+ Bear Logi Co.Ltd launches web site! - (10/19/2009)

View properties in Chiba or Tianjin in just one click!

We are pleased to offer the first multi language industrial property web site that covers Asia and beyond.

We are purely focused on your servicing your warehousing needs!

How are we different?

1) We have come from industrial real estate and logistics back grounds and so we understand your language and needs. End users typically have different requirements from investors, we understand this and can therefore provide solutions to bridge this gap.

2) We are an entry portal to both domestic Japanese properties, but importantly we are equally strong across the major markets in Asia and Europe. For example, with one click you can now view properties in Chinese in Japanese or English. This is a first in Japan!

3) We are always thinking from a global stand point. We understand, trade, logistics and warehouses are inter-twined and speed, cost effectiveness and customer service are the key drivers to remaining globally competitive.

4) We hope our service offers some small assistance to your endeavours and will strive to listen so we may improve our customer service offering.

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