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Japanese 3PLs Research - (14/12/2010)

Bear Logi has released 1 new data sheet report on the Japanese logistics market. The report shows the list of Japanese 3PL-related companies.

Japanese 3PLs

+ Toll wins Asia Supply Chain Award - (13/12/2010)

Toll Group is one of the Asia Pacific region’s leading logistics providers, and its Global Logistics Division has won an award for best third party logistics (3PL) supply chain provider in Asia.

The award was given at the CHaINA awards ceremony held in Shanghai, China in November.  Toll with key customer, Colgate-Palmolive, was commended for its proven excellence in developing and delivering supply chain solutions throughout China.

Source: Toll Group

+ Top 50 Global 3PLs Research - (08/12/2010)

Bear Logi has released 1 new data sheet report on the global logistics market. The report outlines top 50 global 3PLs by revenue during 2006-2009.

Top 50 Global 3PLs

+ Narita Airport to cut landing fees up to 50% - (01/12/2010)

Narita International Airport Corp. plans to lower its notoriously high landing fees by 30-50% for certain carriers in a bid to attract more foreign airlines and strengthen its status as a major international hub.

The operator of Narita airport, the main international gateway to Tokyo, intends to implement the change at the end of March next year. The lower rates will be applicable to new foreign carriers as well as to existing airlines that plan to offer more international flights.

The discounts will likely be offered for six months to a year, but may be extended by up to three years.

The airport operator will submit the new rates to the International Air Transport Association early next year for approval.

Landing fees at Narita were reduced for all carriers by 7% in November last year. When that program expires next March, the discount will either be scrapped or lowered.

A midsize aircraft must pay about 310,000 yen to land at Narita, compared with about 50,000 yen at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport and 180,000 yen at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Source: Nikkei

+ JTB Cargo announces the change of shareholder - (01/12/2010)

On 26 Nov. 2010, JTB Cargo Inc. announced the change of shareholder.

JTB Cargo Inc. was originally founded in 1969 as a 100% subsidiary of JTB (Japan Travel Bureau Inc.), and has been engaged in international forwarding business for 41 years long.

In accordance with the JTB (the parent company)’s recent decision that they would sell their whole stocks to MITSUI SOKO CO., LTD (warehousing industry leader and total logistics provider in Japan), JTB Cargo Inc. will be launching as a 100 subsidiary of MITSUI SOKO Co., LTD, taking the role of major player of international forwarding business within their MITSUI SOKO Co., LTD Group as of March 1st, 2011 onward.

Details of the name of the company would be announced shortly. JTB Cargo’s business scale and function would be continued without any change and hopefully through the realization of synergy with the great resources MITSUI SOKO CO., LTD has, JTB Cargo could integrate their service menus in addition to existing forwarding business, and provide high-valued satisfaction to the customers in the world.
And furthermore, this change of ownership would contribute to strengthen their business function and could be the ignition of continued their development into the future.

This announcement was made to urgently inform of just the change of shareholder while the details of transforming procedures to new company have been remained unfixed yet.

Source: JTB Cargo

+ Japan’s NYK to acquire 50% of KOT - (30/11/2010)

Japan’s NYK is to invest into Knutsen Offshore Tankers (KOT) taking 50% share in the company. KOT change its name to Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS. The Norwegian company is the world's second-largest owner with a fleet of 24 owned vessels and operates 21 crude-oil shuttles.

“Through this investment, the NYK Group will be able to expand its services in upstream areas of the supply chain, in addition to the group’s existing crude-oil transportation service,” the company stated. “The new business fits well with NYK’s expertise in the handling of specialized cargo, such as crude oil, in addition to the company’s experience with dynamic-positioning systems, such as that developed by a NYK Group company in its operations with the deepwater drilling vessel Chikyu.”

Source: NYK

+ Japanese air cargo volume down by 1.6% in October - (30/11/2010)

Japan’s exports by air fell 1.6% on the year to 92,050 tons in October, their first decline in a year. The first half of 2010 saw strong demand for LCD components and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment shipped to China and Taiwan. However shipments have flattened combined with a slowdown in electronic parts shipments to Asia.

Source: Nikkei

+ Tohbu Network to lease a logistics center for 3PL in Ebina, Kanagawa - (26/11/2010)

On 25 Nov. 2010, Tohbu Network co., Ltd. announced that it is to lease a logistics center in Ebina city, Kanagawa prefecture. In order to promote its 3PL business in Greater Tokyo, Tohbu Network will lease a logistics center and aim to expand business by acquiring cargo handling and transport operation. It tries to make fund management more affective by leasing.

The property to be leased is Ebina Logistics Center (tentative)” in Ebina city, Kanagawa prefecture and it will be completed in Dec. 2011. Its site area is 34,861.14 m2 and total floor area of the building is 32,854 m2. The total lease expense is JPY 5,098 million, which will be offered on loan by Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Co., Ltd. The property is to delivered in Jan. 2012.


+ SG Realty to construct large scale logistics facilities in Kashiwa, Chiba and Yokohama - (25/11/2010)

SG Realty Co., Ltd has decided to construct large scale logistics facilities “SGH Logistics Kashiwa (tentative)” in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture and “SGH Logistics Yokohama (tentative)” in Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture.

SG Realty consolidates administration and operation as a whole by technique of PM (Property Management) strategy and CRE (Corporate Real Estate) strategy as well as it expands not only in-the-group project (internal sales) but also out-of –group-project (outer sales) in a proactive manner as an integrative real estate company which does effective utilization and new development.

SGH Logistics Kashiwa (tentative)

“SGH Logistics Kashiwa (tentative)” faces the National Route 16 and is located at the Toyofuta Industrial Park, 600m away from Kashiwa IC of Joban Expressway, which is a very suitable location for a hub to provide logistics services. It is a large –scale logistics facility whose site is about 104,000 m2 and total floor area is about 200,000 m2. It is planned that “multi-tenant type” and “exclusive type for a specific customer” will be constructed in order to flexibly correspond to the diversifying needs of enterprises. This facility is equipped with the latest no-column space and ramp, and based upon the concept paying attention to the environment and workers, it can correspond to detailed requests from various customers, regardless BtoB or BtoC. It is scheduled to be completed in spring of 2012.

SGH Logistics Yokohama (tentative)

“SGH Logistics Yokohama (tentative)” is located at about 200 m from Moriya-cho IC of Yokohane Line of Shuto Expressway and has a good access to Haneda Airport. Also, its location is convenient for commuters as it is 5-minute walk from Shin-koyasu station of JR and Keikyu-koyasu station of Keihin Kyuko. This large logistics facility is steel-framed, 4-story above ground and has site of about 40,000 m2 and total floor area of about 84,000 m2. The first floor will be used occupied by a branch and cargo relay center of one of group companies Sagawa Express, and logistics department of outside companies will be invited to from the second to the fourth. It is scheduled to be completed in spring of 2012. Cooperation in services between this facility and group companies will improve the productivity and convenience of tenant enterprises, and it aims at integrated promotion of streamlining in order to play a part in providing seamless logistics connection from home and abroad.

Overview of SGH Logistics Kashiwa (tentative)
Address: 13-1 Shin-toyofuta, Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture
- about 600m from “Kashiwa IC” of Joban Expressway
- about 25-minute walk from “Kashiwanoha-campus” station of Tsukuba Express
- about 20-minute walk from “Kashiwa-Tanaka” station of Tsukuba Express
Site area: about 104,000 m2
Building area: about 50,000 m2
Total floor area: about 200,000 m2 (Main buildings only. Public health facilities will be constructed later.)
Breakout: Multi-tenant building (steel-framed, reinforced concrete, 6-story), BTS-1 building (steel-framed, reinforced concrete, 4-story) and BTS-2 building (steel-framed, reinforced concrete, 4-story)

Overview of SGH Logistics Yokohama (tentative)
SGH Logistics Yokohama
Address: 3-11 Moriya-cho, Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture
- about 200m from “Moriya-cho IC” of Yokohane Line of Shuto Expressway
- about 5-mitute walk from “Shin-koyasu” sta. of JR
and “Keikyu-koyasu” sta. of Keihin Kyuko
Site area: about 39,000 m2
Building area: about 21,000 m2
Total floor area: about 84,000 m2
Structure: Steel-framed, 4-story above ground

Source: SG Realty Co., Ltd

+ Sagawa Express newly establishes Ashigara branch for logistics hubs of major enterprises - (24/11/2010)

On 21 Nov. 2010, Sagawa Express newly established Ashigara branch and relocated Odawara branch.

In the area of which newly established Ashigara branch is in charge there are many logistics hubs of major enterprises, and this area boasts an agricultural industry and ships out plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the meantime, the area of relocated Odawara branch boasts a local industry of seafood and has active demand for Hikyaku Cool Express.

Overview of Ashigara branch

Address: 1556-3 Kaneko, Oi-machi, Ashigara-kamigun, Kanagawa prefecture (former Odawara branch)

Employees: 44

Vehicles owned: 31



Overview of Odawara branch

Address: 600 Shimo-oi, Odawara city, Kanagawa prefecture

Employees: 76

Vehicles owned: 43



Source: Sagawa Express

+ Mizuho Bank and Ascendas agree to jointly develop industrial and commercial project in Chennai - (19/11/2010)

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between Asia's leading business and industrial real estate provider, Ascendas, and a Japan Consortium including Mizuho Corporate Bank and JGC Corporation to collaborate in a large scale project to develop a world-class integrated township in Chennai, India. Ascendas will be the Master Developer of eco-friendly infrastructure for industrial, business, commercial, residential, and lifestyle amenities.

Under the agreement Ascendas and the Japan consortium will share knowledge and experience in the areas of project financing, infrastructure technologies and industrial park development. Many Japanese companies have already set up operations in Chennai and more have shown strong interest to be there.

Over the years, Ascendas has established deep working relationships with many Japanese companies looking to expand into Asia's developing economies like China, India, and Vietnam. In particular, India has become a major investment destination for many Japanese companies looking to take advantage of its huge domestic market, low costs of production and high quality workforce. 

Source: Ascendas (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Hong Kong Air Cargo hits record high - (05/11/2010)

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) hit record-high tonnage volumes on 22 October with a total of 10,184 tonnes of air cargo handled that day.


A total of 260,622 tonnes were handled in October, representing a year-on-year increase of 15.4%. Cumulative tonnage for the first ten months of 2010 was up 29.4% year-on-year at 2,394,546 tonnes.


Export volume in the month was up 16.8% year-on-year at 144,624 tonnes, with total export volume for the first ten months at 1,310,022 tonnes.


Import volume was up 6.1% against the previous year at 62,881 tonnes, while the transhipment volume was 53,117 tonnes, indicating a year-on-year growth of 24.0%.


Source: Hactl

+ Yamato Holdings to start package delivery and fare collection business in Hong Kong - (22/10/2010)

On 21 Oct., Yamato Holdings decided the beginning of package delivery and fare collection business in Hong Kong.

Therefore, Yamato is to establish YAMATO DEVELOPMENT (HK) LTD. as package delivery company and YAMATO PAYMENT SERVICE (HK) LTD. as fare collection company in Hong Kong.

Package delivery business which started in Shanghai and Singapore from Jan. 2010 keeps steady expanding from the months before. Since in Hong Kong there is no logistics service similar to package delivery, Yamato has decided to start the business.

Operation is scheduled to start in Feb 2011 the amount of capital investment for the start of business is about JPY 270 million yen including trucks and facilities. Initially it plans to have 30 trucks and 100 employees for the first year.

Overview of subsidiaries

1. Name

(To be changed to Yamato Transport (HK), Ltd. in Jan 2011)

2. Address


3. President

Mr. Junta Maejima

4. Business

Package delivery in Hong Kong

5. Capital

50,000,000 HK (About JPY 525 million)
(To be increased to 170,000,000HK
(about JPY 1.785 billion in Feb 2011)

6. Date of establishment

12 Nov 2010

7. Investment ratio

100 by Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.


1. Name


2. Address


3. President

Mr. Kazuhiko Ohno

4. Business

Fare collection in Hong Kong

5. Capital

6,000,000HK (About JPY 63 million)

6. Date of establishment

12 Nov 2010

7. Investment ratio

100 by Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

* Fare Collection business mainly handles payment of delivery fee related to package delivery service.


Source: Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

+ Tokyo's Haneda airport opens its new international terminal building as well as Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal - (22/10/2010)

Starting 31 Oct., the airport will resume regular international flights for the first time in 32 years, and new international terminal building as well as Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal (TIACT) opened on 21 Oct. Haneda will be handling the second largest volume of air cargo as a Japanese airport.


Full view of TICAT opened on 21 Oct. 2010

This cargo terminal is large as it has site area of about 170,000m2 and about 80,000m2 of total floor area.

Ihe terminal comprises two international cargo buildings, fresh food building and two office buildings. The 1st international cargo building is a shed managed by TIACT and the second building is leased by carrier and air freight forwarders such as ANA, Nippon Express, Kintetsu World Express and Yusen Logistics.


Source: Japan Logistics Field Institute

+ Kintetsu Express to establish a new company in Shanghai Pudong Total Bonded Area - (21/10/2010)

On 15 October 2010, a Kintetsu Express (KWE)’s warehouse was delivered to its new subsidiary established at Shanghai Pudong total bonded area in May 2010. 

This newly established subsidiary has its own warehouse at Shanghai Pudong total bonded area adjacent to Shanghai Pudong airport, the largest hub for international air cargo in China. It handles export and import air freight, goods storage in bonded warehouse, added-value type logistics processing service and delivery. Aiming at opening in January 2011, it goes preparing for a new warehouse facility with the state of the art storage equipment in order to correspond to all kinds of customers’ needs for storage of goods from large cargos like production equipment and transportation machine to precise electric parts like semiconductor, chemical products requiring temperature control and medical products.



Shanghai Kintetsu World Express Co., Ltd.


USD 15,000,000


Bonded logistics service at Pudong Airport Total Bonded Area, Export/Import air/sea freight handing, domestic cargo delivery service, etc.


Toshimichi Inamura







Number of employees


Established on

13 May 2010

Starts operation on

Scheduled in January 2011


Total area 6,757m2 (with dust control, electrostatic and homeothermal function)

Source: KWE

+ Biccamera, to consolidate logistics bases in Kanto region and to establish a new logistics hub in Kansai region - (20/10/2010)

In October 2006, Biccamera opened Higashi-Matsuyama Center in Higashi-Matsuyama City of Saitama Prefecture and operates logistics business for Kanto region. In February 2010 it acquired 100% ownership of Sofmap and that made more integrated operation possible. Therefore, Biccamera is going to fundamentally streamline logistics system of the entire group.

From November 2010, Higashi-Matsuyama Center (Saitama) which is Biccamera’s total logistics base  will become a base for merchandise delivery operation and temporary storage of large goods of Biccamera and Sofmap. Urayasu Center (Chiba) which is total logistics center for Sofmap and has a good access to each store will become a base for merchandise delivery operation to each store and provision of work and repair business. Makuhari Center, which now provides work and repairs for Biccamera and Sofmap, will be closed.

Currently, in Osaka Biccamera group has three logistics bases for Kansai region. However, these will be closed and Kobe Center will be newly established, which is a new total logistics hub for Kansai region and will cover not only Kansai region but also Aichi and Okayama prefectures.


Consolidation of logistics bases will make possible the followings: sharp reduction of distribution cost, shortening of merchandise delivery time to stores and customers, and reduction of stock by sharing stock between Biccamera and Sofmap.


Starting day of operation: 1 November 2010

Overview of new logistics center

Name: Kobe Center

Address: 2-1 Nadahama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Area to be used: 9,334m2


Source: Biccamera


+ Kuehne + Nagel achieves record result in the third quarter 2010 - (20/10/2010)

Kuehne + Nagel Group a global logistics company expanded its business volumes, taking advantage of the favourable economic environment for the logistics industry.

The operational result (EBITDA) of CHF 271 million in the third quarter marked a record in the company’s history.

l Compared with the first nine months of last year turnover rose by 18.6 per cent 

l EBITDA increased by 7.5 per cent (adjusted by 12.0 per cent) to CHF 746 million.

l Net earnings improved by 16.0 per cent (adjusted by 20.2 per cent) to CHF 449 million.

Kuehne + Nagel Group (Jan-Sept) 

CHF million






Gross profit



Operational result (EBITDA)






Net earnings



* During the first nine months of 2010 maintained high-level container volume with a 17 per cent increase.

* Growth in the global sea freight market, however, softened in the third quarter.

* Increased airfreight tonnage by 29 per cent in the first nine months.

* Growth in the international airfreight market had slowed in the middle of the year.

* Increase volumes and market share, especially in Asia.

Road & Rail Logistics
* First three quarters of the year, European overland activities registered a growth in net turnover of 9.5 per cent.

Contract Logistics
* Net turnover remained at the previous year’s level.

* EBITDA decreased in the first nine months by 13.2 per cent partly due to currency adjustments (6.6 per cent) and start-up costs for new businesses.


Source: Kuehne + Nagel

+ Daisyo buys Tokyo land for new distribution centre - (19/10/2010)

Daisyo a Japanese food conglomerate has recently purchased a piece of land in Adachi Tokyo for construction of a new food distribution center.


Land acquisition details

(1) Date of Contract:    March 31, 2010

(2) Date of delivery:     September 29, 2010

(3) Location:               6-2-5 Iriya, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

(4) Area:                     9,901.51 square meters (2,995.21 tsubo)

(5) Building Plan Outline

Building Use: Office and Warehouse

Building size: approximately 4,000 square meters (tentative)


Source: Daisyo

+ Global Logistics IPO may raise $2.64 Billion - (13/10/2010)

Global Logistic Properties Ltd. is set to raise S$3.45 billion ($2.64 billion) in Singapore’s biggest initial public offering.


Shares in GLP, the overseas logistics unit of Government of Singapore Investment Corp., were priced at S$1.96 a share, the top end of a range marketed to investors.


Mapletree Industrial Trust, owned by a unit of Temasek Holdings Pte, plans to raise as much as S$940 million in an IPO next week.


Global Logistic, which said last month it would offer 1.76 billion shares, plans to use S$1.5 billion of the proceeds to expand in China and Japan, and about S$600 million to pay down existing shareholder loans. There is an over-allotment option to expand the sale by 234.7 million shares.


Source: Bloomberg (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Agility Logistics appoints new Japan Managing Director - (07/10/2010)

Agility has appointed Steve Whittingham as the new managing director for Korea and Japan.


This appointment comes as the global logistics provider looks to strengthen its management team in those growing markets.


He will be based in Agility's Seoul office.


Source: Agility

+ DHL Express appoints new CEO - (07/10/2010)

DHL has appointed Roger Crook to the role of CEO at DHL Express for the Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Middle East regions, which will take effect 1 January 2011.


In his new role, he will work on sharpening the company's focus on international cross border shipping business in the APEM region by targeting MNCs and SMEs.


Source: DHL

+ Mercedes Benz Japan opens new Tokyo logistics centre - (29/09/2010)

Upon the completion of Narashino Logistics Complex composed of Parts Distribution Center (PDC) and Training Center, Nippon Express delivered the facility to Mercedes Bentz Japan. At the same time, the service and parts department moved to this Narashino Logistics Complex and started operation.


PDC, a facility for stroage of parts and accessories of Mercedes Bentz, Maybach, Smart and for delivery of those to across-the-country dealers, was established in Toyohashi city, Aichi in 1992. This relocation is a part of system upgrade to cope with the increase of number of handling parts and vehicles owned in the future. The new PDC will be in operation in December 2010.

Also, the training department which provides dealers with practical skills and various trainings regarding sales has moved from Yokohama city to this Narashino logistics complex. Improvement of the facility can make it possible to provide higher quality trainings than ever.

-Narashino Logistics Complex Overview -

Name: Narashino Logistics Complex, Mercedes Benz Japan

Address: 3-7-1/2, Akanehama, Narashino-shi, 275-0024, Chiba

Site area: 67,100m2 (including PDC 27,200m2 and Training Center 1,590m2

Number of employee: about 150

Benz Japan

Source: Mercedes Benz Japan (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Kimura Unity to open logistics center in Ichikawa, Chiba contracted by Rakuten Logistics - (28/09/2010)

Kimura Unity Co., Ltd. has concluded an outsourcing contract with Rakuten Logistics (100% affiliate company of Rakuten Inc.) and is to open a business establishment in Shiohama, Ichikawa city, Chiba to undertake logistics business for books and DVDs.


1. Purpose of to open a business establishment

Kimura Unity will contract for logistics business for books and DVDs in the logistics center managed by Rakuten Logistics in charge of logistics for Rakuten Inc. With its know-how of  skills at job site, logistics service skills and improvement skills, Kimura Unity will have a logistic center which support progress of logistics service and law-cost operation which are Rakutens

needs and contribute to safe and secure logistics.


2. Overview of business establishment

(1) Address: ProLogis Park I, 1-7-1, Shiohama, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba

Rakuten Fulfillment Center, Rakuten Logistics

Tel: +81-(0)47-300-2750

(2) Name: Kimura Unity Ichikawa Center

(3) Opening: October 2010


3. Contents of business: Logistics business in the logistics center

(logistics management, entering/dispatching, packing)


4. Size of the warehouse: Total floor area 7,200 tsubo (23,801.65m2)


Source: Kimura Unity

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