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Bear Logi releases new Japan Land & Construciton Prices Datasheet - (12/12/2011)

On December 12, Bear Logi updated new land & construction prices datasheet.

The datasheet is available at;

+ Bear Logi releases 2011 Japan Logistics Property Market share data sheet - (07/12/2011)

On December 7 Bear Logi released new Japan Industrial property market share data sheet.

The datasheet is available at;

+ Bear Logi releases 2011 Japan Logistics Property Transaction data sheet - (07/12/2011)

On December 7, Bear Logi Co., Ltd released a new Japan Logistics Property Transaction data sheet. 

It is available for download here

+ Vantec starts operation at Osaka Logistics Center - (19/04/2011)

On 18th April Vantec Corporation has announced that it completed construction and commenced the operation at Osaka Logistics Center in order to straighten
food and beverage transportation as well as distribution services in Kansai area.

The center is 4 stories above ground warehouse which has one of the biggest site in Kansai, correspondent with 4 different (frozen/cool/fixed/normal) temperature zones, capable for maintenance, distribution of food & beverages, liquor, materials for housing.

vantec osaka



Name: Osaka Logistics Center

Location: 2-7-48 Nakajima Nishi Yodogawa-ku Osaka

Construction: PCa(partially steel construction) 4 stories above ground

Total floor space: 39,584 m2

Site space: 20,249 m2

Major equipments: 6 Cargo elevators, 6 Lifters

Number of Truck berth: 57 (incl. 3 Dock leveler)

Source: Vandec


+ Ota market multi-level deck is completed - (13/04/2011)

On 12th April, JFE Engineering Corporation has announced that it has completed the Ota market multi-level storage deck for disposal of goods.

Ota market logistics center, 100% owned by Tokyo Seika Co., Ltd, orders and operates the market.

Remodeling in multi-level enabled the facilities to save up to 3 times more space compared to the former deck. It results in a total trade expansion in the limited site of whole sale market.

Furthermore, Innovating cold-chain correspondent facilities inside of the market realized both the keeping of freshness and effective transportation.

Fruit and vegetable dedicated vertical conveyor and elevator also make it easy to handle vast amount of goods, keeping as the same transportation efficiency as the existent 1st storey facilities.

Setting air-conditioning system for disposal of goods  maintaining the upper story at 15 also achieved the collecting and distributing fruits and vegetables without losing its freshness.

JFE announces that its proposal has greatly contributed the capacity progress for Ota market maintaining the freshness function.

ota market

[Ota market multi-level storage deck overview]


Ota market logistics center K.K(100% owned by Tokyo Seika Co., Ltd)

Construction site: Tokyo central whole sale market Ota market

3-2-6 Tokai Ota-ku Tokyo


- 2 stories above ground

- Vehicle holding area at roof

- Steel construction (partially reinforced concrete)

Total floor space: 30,000m2

Source: JFE Engineering

+ Japan land price decline slows in 2010 -govt survey - (06/04/2011)

Japanese land prices fell for a third straight year in 2010 but the pace of decline slowed as the economy picked up, a government survey showed, though last Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami ruined broad areas in the northeast of the country.

Both commercial and residential land prices showed narrower declines than the previous year, the survey by the land ministry indicated on Thursday, based on calculations on Jan. 1.

But the worst earthquake in Japan's history and a subsequent tsunami struck wide areas of three prefectures in the north of the country, which make up 4 percent of Japan's GDP, destroying thousands of homes as well as roads and bridges.

Japanese land prices fell 3.0 percent last year, narrowing from a drop of 4.6 percent, with commercial land prices down 3.8 percent and residential land prices down 2.7 percent, the survey showed.

Japanese land prices, which had been declining for years following the collapse of the real estate bubble in the early 1990s, finally began turning up in the mid-2000s helped in part as foreign investors poured money into urban developments.

But the upturn was short-lived as the global financial crisis rocked the market in 2008.

The latest data showed money from Asian investors propped up prices in areas such as Kutchan Town in Hokkaido in north Japan.

Source: Reuters

+ Amazon Japan Logistics opens a new logistics center in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture - (04/04/2011)

Amazon Japan Logistics which provides logistics service according to the orders placed at announced that on 1 April 2011 it opened a new logistics center “Amazon Tokoname FC (Fulfillment Center)” in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture in order to help expand logistics scale and provide speedy delivery service.

By opening the first fulfillment center in Chubu region, not only strengthening of “In Stock” product lineup at, but also more speedy delivery to orders from customers mainly in Chubu region are expected (excluding some area). Moreover, by opening this FC, “Fulfillment service by Amazon”, a service which Amazon Japan Logistics on behalf of seller handles goods inventory storage, order processing, shipment and customer service will be expanded.

“Amazon Tokoname FC” has joined the existing logistics centers “Amazon Ichikawa FC”, “Amazon Yachiyo FC, “Amazon Sakai FC”, “Amazon Kawagoe FC” and “Amazon Daitoh FC”.


Source: (Translated by Bear Logi)

+ IIF completes purchasing IIF Saitama Logistics Center in Saitama, Japan - (25/03/2011)

Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (IIF) announced on 24 March 2011 that it completed purchasing IIF Saitama Logistics Center in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Source: IIF (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ IIF completes purchasing IIF Atsugi Logistics Center in Atsugi, Japan - (23/03/2011)

Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (IIF) announced on 22 March 2011 that it completed purchasing IIF Atsugi Logistics Center in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Source: IIF (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ TOTO is to temporarily use Yachiyo Logistics Center in Yachiyo City , Chiba Prefecture, Japan - (23/03/2011)

Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. announced on 18 March 2011 that it concluded a lease contract with TOTO Ltd. on its Yachiyo Logistics Center located in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture. The details are as follows:


Tenant: TOTO Ltd.

Business: Sanitary ware manufacturing

Leased are: 17,689.95 m2

Occupancy ratio in total leasable area: 100%

Contract term: From 18 March 2011 to 30 April 2011

Cargo: Household equipment


Source: Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Senko opens a new logistics facility in Toda, Saitama to strengthen logistics service in the greater Tokyo - (10/03/2011)

On 8 Mar. 2011, Senko Co., Ltd. announced that it opened “Shin Toda PD Center” in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture.

In order to expand its business and improve its competitiveness, Senko had scrap-and-build redevelopment on its 3 terminals (GFA 9,630m2) and opened “Shin Toda PD Center” on the same premise.
“Shin Toda PD Center” is a large logistics hub with 6-story above ground and about 19,000m2 of GFA.

The new center has high ceiling height and low ceiling height area and is flexible to any form of cargo stored and any type of work like distributive processing. Further, a wide variety of cargo equipments has been introduced to improve the productivity.

In order to even improve its delivery function with good access to Shuto Expressway No. 5 and Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway, the center has 51 berths in total on the north and south sides to get trailer or large-sized vehicle easily stop at the berth.
Moreover, it makes consideration on harmony with the environment with power-saving lighting facility design and partial rooftop gardening.

Facility Overview
Name: Shin Toda PD Center

Location: 1-6, Hayase, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture
     5 min. from Toda-minami Exit of Shuto Expressway No.5, 
10 min. from Toda Exit of Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway

Site area: 9,747 m2 (2,949 tsubo)

Structure: Steel structure, 6-story above ground (warehouse is 5-story)

Total floor area: 18,986 m2 (5,745 tsubo)

No. of berth: 51 (27 on the north side, 24 on the south)

Cargo equipments: vertical lift x4, cargo elevator (4t) x1 and climbing leveler x1

Completion date: 28 Feb. 2011

Opening day: 8 Mar. 2011

Source: Senko

+ 100% operating rate/ORIX JREIT logistic facilities - (02/03/2011)

ORIX JREIT Inc. has announced its logistic facilities operating rate as 100%


Operating rate(%)

Total leasable area(m2)




Operation office















On the other hand, the number of property counts 54 (two more than the last month), and the tenant becomes 406 (seven more than the last month) 

Source: ORIX JREIT news

+ Orix Real Estate completed Ichikawa logistic center in Chiba - (01/03/2011)

On 28th Feb Orix Real Estate Corporation announced that they had completed their Ichikawa Thidori-cho logistic center in Chiba.

Land area: 33,567.28m2

Structure: 4 stories/SRC(partly steel frame)

Floor space: 72,035.56m2

Features: one of the largest multi-tenants type logistic facilities


-         approx. 0.6km from Thidori-cho capital freeway interchange

-         approx. 20km from JR Tokyo station

-         approx. 25km from Haneda international airport

-         approx. 29km from Oi container wharf

which is able to cover Tokyo metropolitan area that includes Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama.

The remarkable point would be the location. In spite of 24 hours-operation-able exclusive industrial zoning, it is also convenient for the nearest JR station Ichikawa Shiohama in 10 minutes on foot, 0.8km that enables the tenants to ensure the part-time-workers.

The track berth is available on both side on the 1st floor, one side on the 3rd and 4th floor. In addition to that, the maximum effective height under beam has been set on 6.9m realizes the increase of the available space in the facilities.


-         approx. 0.6km, five minutes by car from the Thidori-cho Interchange on the Wangan line capital freeway.

-         approx. 0.8km, ten minutes on foot from the JR Keiyo station Ichikawa Shiohama.

Land area: 33,567.28m2

Floor area: 72,035.56m2

Construction: 4 stories, SRC (partly Steel-framed fire protection)

Property overview:


Point of Contact:

Nagai or Nakamura at President's Office, Orix Real Estate Corporation

Tel: +81-(0)3-3435-3411


Source: ORIX Real Estate Corporation

+ Japan Logistics Fund has signed a lease contract with Trancom - (01/03/2011)

On 28th Feb Japan Logistics Fund Inc. and asset management company, Mitsui & Co., Logistic Partners Ltd. have announced that they made a lease contract of its Kisaimachi logistic center located in Saitama with Trancom., Ltd.

The leased area came to 6143.60 m2 which is one fourth of the total leasable area. As a consequence the Trancom’s leased area reached 100% of the Saitama Kisaimachi logistic center. The contract term will be from March 1st 2011 to May 31st 2012.

Source: Japan Logistics Fund (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Chiba Prefecture accepts application for its port-related site in the south of Kisarazu - (01/03/2011)

On 21st Feb Chiba Prefecture Enterprise Agency has started to receive application in order of arrival for its port-related site located in the south district of Kisarazu.


Property Overview


Land area

Estimated Price

Mokuzai Port 1



185,000,000 Yen

Mokuzai Port 1-3


174,000,000 Yen


The property existing area is zoned as Semi-industrial area by the Act of urban development, as well as industrial harbor area by the Port and Harbor Act. Therefore the purpose of the land acquisition will be limited for the purpose of factory, otherwise the industrial facilities construction.

That means , it needs to be warehousing or manufacture, which will not be regulated by the Act of Construction Limitation in Chiba Harbor Area.


Some examples for applicable facilities are following:

Maritime transport services, port transport services, warehousing, freight car transport services, cargo carrier, express business, trading business or tourism with its related facilities.



- which is dependent upon the raw material or products transported by the maritime or port services

- food industry

- wood or wooden products

- rubber processed products

- steel industry

- metal processed industry

- machinery industry

- electrical machinery industry

- transportation machinery and its related operational and research facilities.


In addition, although the bank protection at the harbor side is affixed to the property to be transferred, it is not available for mooring ships.


Admission office:

Chiba prefecture Enterprise Agency

Regional Development Division

Department of industry and logistics subdivision

Makunouchi garden Bldg D, 4th floor

1-3 Nakase Mihama-ku Chiba City, Chiba



Source: Chiba Prefecture Enterprises Agency (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Vacancy Rate at Logistics Facilities in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area Continues to Decline / CB Richard Ellis - (28/02/2011)

CB Richard Ellis announced preliminary second half (2H) 2010 industrial market data

Key trends in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area

- The average vacancy rate fell 2.2 points to 11.5%, the lowest rate since the fiscal year ended December 2007.

- Demand improved, especially from companies servicing the domestic consumption. Demand was higher for large facilities along the bay areas of Chiba Prefecture.


Greater Tokyo

The average vacancy rate in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area slipped 2.2 points to 11.5%. Some vacancies in relatively new facilities—which had been a factor of rising vacancy rates—were filled. The vacancy rate at existing facilities (whose age of buildings was over one year) declined 2.5 points to 9.9%. The term under review saw a noticeable increase in the occupancy ratio given the onsite expansion of lease area by tenants.

Gaps were emerging among some areas. While some properties along the Kanagawa Prefecture bay area had difficulty attracting tenants, demand was firm, and the number of relatively large vacant areas decreased in large bay area facilities in Chiba Prefecture and the Joban area. This trend reflected tenant reorganizations to reduce distribution costs as well as demand for relocation to cheaper facilities. It is anticipated that rents will continue to decrease, albeit at a slower rate than seen in the past.

As planned new supply in 2011 is limited, real-estate investment companies—which had adopted a wait-and-see attitude for some time—have an increasingly strong appetite for development, reflecting the falling vacancy rate. We expect development projects to emerge in the near future. “Domestic demand-led companies, including food and apparel companies dealing in relatively low-priced products, took the lead in tenant movements,” says Junichi Taguchi, Managing Director of Industrial Services at CB Richard Ellis. “Inquiries are increasing, especially from listed companies reviewing their logistics bases, and several companies are opening new facilities. Tenants prefer properties with high-level facilities along Chiba Prefecture bay areas, given their ideal location and rents.”

Source: CB Richard Ellis Japan

+ Industrial complex in Tohoku gradually gathers pace - (25/02/2011)

The Second North Sendai Industrial Area (Ohira village, Miyagi prefecture) is an integrated industrial complex in which Central Motors, part of the Toyota Group, opened its new factory. Interested parties for new business facilities in the area should consider this industrial park due to its well developed infrastructure and proximity to the highway interchange.

The Second North Sendai Industrial Area

Sanei Corporation located in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, which provide placing and maintenance service for machinery, began building construction of its Tohoku branch office inside of the complex. They used to conduct sales in the temporary office, but due to the business expansion of the Toyota group in the complex they will construct their own office and warehouse, that is being expected to be completed on this spring.

Naruse Koken Co., Ltd will also establish its base in the same complex.

Early in this January, Central motor car factory has started its operation. At the same period Toyota group car sheet factory also began the operation in order to deliver its product to the new central motor factory. Late in January Vuteq Corporation also announced that assembly plant for car glasses will be opened in the area. It is definitely a positive cycle. 

As a matter of fact, before Central Motor declared its relocation in the complex, only a couple of entities like the food service industry Skylark, had interested in the area.

After successful invitation of Central Motor, the landscape has drastically changed by the additional development.

Taking the integration into account, the municipal Sendai city which also operates gas station, tried to extend pipe line around 20km.

December 2010 Ohira interchange which directly connects to the Tohoku Auto highway started its operation, and it enables Central motor factory to use its parts delivery or completed car delivery. According to the interested parties for new business facilities in Miyagi prefecture, “We receive a couple of inquiries on the second industrial complex because of the improved transportation condition."They point out the positive business cycle.

There are several industrial park in Tohoku that have successfully closed the corporate invitation in adjusting to the complex development plan.

For example, “Shin-Shirakawa Industrial park” (Shirakawa, Fukusima prefecture) in which Yahoo! Inc, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc has decided to move in. “Ichinoseki Higashi Industrial Park” (Ichinoseki, Iwate prefecture) in which a couple of motor parts factories such as Hayashi Telempu Co., Ltd (Nagoya) has been transfered.

On the other hand, there are not quite a few districts that has not been sold.

The municipality should play great roll in as a main player from now on in order to keep the good business cycle.

Source: Nikkei newspaper

Reference: MCG news

+ Nitori will be a tenant in Yokohama Logistic Park (YLP) - (24/02/2011)

On Feb 23, IRC Management has announced that they made a lease agreement in Yokohama Logistic Park (YLP) as its 3rd tenant following Sagawa Global Logistics leasing the 6th floor and an un-named third party logistics company on the 4th and 5th floor.

The lease agreement has been reached between Daikoku Distribution Center Special Purpose Company and Daiwa Corporation.

Daiwa Corporation will be a tenant in YLP space, with a total area of 27,000 m2, 2nd story space of 13,500 m2 and 3rd story of 13,500 m2. They are closing a sublease contract with Nitori, and intend to use the facilities as a transportation base.

New tenants are sought for the 1st, a part of the 5th, and 7th floors.

Yokohama Logistic Park (YLP)YLP

Building features:

- High extension possibility (leasable from 1,000 Tubo/approx. 3,300 m2)

- Multipurpose/efficiency emphasized architectural style 

(appropriate column span, high ceiling/floor load ability, track berth)

- Flexibility on tenant's request for specific equipment

(extra space for vertical conveyer)

- Security/Environment/Work-Life-Balance conscious architecture

(CASBEE Yokohama rank A/quake-absorbing structure/Parking lot/Kiosk etc)

Source: RIC Management (Translated by Bear Logi)

+ New transportation facility by Tonami Transportation in Kuki-shi, Saitama - (24/02/2011)

TONAMI TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD., located in Toyama, has announced the concept of the transportation facilities under construction in Kuki-shi, Saitama Prefecture.

Because of the new road construction plan, they move its facilitiy from Okegawa branch office to Kuki. Because its appropriate location from Interchange highway 122 and its adjacent Syoubu-Nanbu-Industiral housing complex, they are expecting the high efficiency of its transportation.


Overview of the facility

Name: Tonami Transportation co., LTD., Kuki branch office

Space: 26,900 m2

Structure: warehousing / reinforced concrete structure / five stories

          Terminal / steel frame construction / one story

          Office / steel frame construction / three stories


Source: Tonami Transportation Co., Ltd. (Translated by Bear Logi)


+ Bear Logi releases Japan Real Estate Sample Lease Contract research - (18/02/2011)

Bear Logi Co., Ltd., a Japanese Real Estate company based in Tokyo has released a new data sheet. The data sheet shows a Japan real estate sample lease contract. The Japan Leasing Contact Sample sheet can be downloaded here or from our research page on our website at that also contains other research papers on Japan industrial real estate.

+ NTT Logisco to start rebuilding of Chiba Logistics Center Terminal A - (15/02/2011)

NTT Logisco, Inc. a Japanese Logistics Company announced that it began to rebuild the terminal A of Chiba Logistics Center located in Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture, in order to respond to the need increase in the greater Tokyo area.

[Rendering of Chiba new A terminal]


[Chiba Logistics Center Terminal A Rebuilding Overview]
1. Background of Rebuilding

This industrial real estate center mainly provides “high-value added service” such as mail orders, medical equipments and precision equipment inspection for customers other than NTT group. Thanks to good location and management ability of logistics center, it has robust acceptance of orders and it decided to rebuild and expand floor area as the new D building which was recently announced gets fully occupied and has little room. [Former terminal A: approx. 4,800m2 -> new terminal A : 7,000m2, approx. 12,000m2 (approx. 3,600 tsubo) expanded]

2 Characteristics of new warehouse
The new industrial property, terminal A has 4-story warehouse which is approx. 4,000m2 (approx. 1,200 tsubo) per floor with office in place. It can be compartmented being appropriate to customers’ needs and has a structure which makes cargo storage highly effective with 6m warehouse clearance and span planning in consideration of storage rack installation.
All the floors can be installed with air conditioning equipment and it has effective air conditioning by using metal sandwich panel for outer wall.
As standard it is equipped with monitoring camera and security device for entering a room as well and security guard is staffed for 24/7 to respond to customers’ diversified needs.

This warehouse terminal has environmentally-friendly facility and operation system, and solar panels can be installed. As well, NTT Logisco will address facility rebuilding plan environmentally-friendly to neighboring housings by adopting active silencing apparatus to reduce heavy machinery noise during rebuilding work.

3 Facility Plan Overview
Address: 717-88, Futamata, Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture
Structure: Steel construction, 8-story above around (4-story for warehouse)
Total floor area: approx. 17,000m2 (approx. 5,000 tsubo)
Note: approx. 73,900m2 (approx. 27,500 tsubo) as entire Chiba Logistics Center
Scheduled commencement of work: April 2011
Scheduled completion: December 2011

Source: NTT Logisco (edited by Bear Logi)

+ Sumitomo Warehouse to establish a warehouse exclusive for archive in Saitama Prefecture - (09/02/2011)

Sumitomo Warehouse announced that it has decided to build Hanyu Archive Center (tentative name) in Hanyu city, Saitama prefecture, as an important strategic hub for their archive business.

This center is scheduled to be completed in January 2012 as a facility in the greater Tokyo exclusive for information and records management such as documents, electromagnetic tapes and films.

The characteristics of the facilities and equipments of this center are; (1) ultimate level of security system, (2) highly disaster-resistant, (3) air-conditioning environment which makes long-term storage in multiple temperature and humidity zone possible, and (4) highly flexible facility layout.

Although Hanyu Trunk Room Office is already in operation in Hanyu city, this center is to improve Sumitomo Warehouses facilities in order to correspond to expanding demand of information and records management and diversification of services.

Outsourcing of information and records management corresponding to enterprises 2 types of needs which are cost reduction and strengthening of information management is expected to keep expanding in the future. Therefore, With this center as a service base, Sumitomo Warehouse will expand and develop archive (information and records management) solution of higher value.



Facility Overview 

Name:                         Hanyu Archive Center (tentative name)

Address:                     Hanyu city, Saitama prefecture

Site area:                    34,014 m2 (10,289 tsubo)

Structure:                   Reinforced concrete, earthquake-proof

Building area:              6,394 m2 (1,934 tsubo)

Total floor area:           24,300 ㎡(7,350 坪)

Work commencement:  February, 2011

Completion:                 January, 2012 (scheduled)


Source: Sumitomo Warehouse

+ Asahi acquires land in greater Tokyo for logistics property - (04/02/2011)

Asahi Bicycles Japan, a large retail chain has acquired 33,614m2 of industrial land in Kuki, north of Tokyo. The land has been purchased in order to build a new logistics property that meets the growing volume of sales and allows Asahi to streamline their supply and distribution costs in the Kanto area of Japan.

Land Details

Land: 33,613.93m2

Address: Kuki, Saitama, Japan
Purchase Price: JPY 825 million

Acquisition Date: February 2, 2011
Property Transfer Date: around May 2011 (Acquisition of the land is subject to, for development application permission). 

Source: Asahi Co., Ltd.

+ 3PL company concludes leasing contract for Yokohama Logistics Park - (28/01/2011)

R.I.C. Management Corporation an industrial real estate firm announced that it concluded a leasing contract with a 3PL company for Yokohama Logistics Park located at Daikoku-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama city, south of Tokyo Japan. The 3PL company will occupy about 13,500m2 (about 4,100 tsubo) of the whole 4th floor and about 6,350m2 (about 1,900 tsubo) on the 5th floor of YLP and will be the second tenant at YLP after Sagawa Global Logistics on the 6th floor.

Source: RICM

+ Bear Logi releases Japan Construction Methods research - (27/01/2011)

Bear Logi Co., Ltd., a Japanese Real Estate company based in Tokyo has released a new data sheet. The data sheet briefly describes the construction methods in Japan. The Japan Construction Methods sheet can be downloaded here or from our research page on our website at that also contains other research papers on Japan industrial real estate.

+ Grosvenor Targets Japan and China Real Estate - (26/01/2011)

Grosvenor Group Ltd., a real estate company owned by the family trust of Britain’s Duke of Westminster, aims to raise at least $270 million for a property fund that will invest in properties in China as well as a $500 million fund targeting Japan Real Estate.


Grosvenor has $16 billion in assets and wants investments in Asia to account for 20 percent of its portfolio, almost triple the current allocation.


For the new funds, Grosvenor is targeting investors in China and Japan in addition to global institutional investors. The China fund may invest in industrial and commercial properties.


Chinese developers shifted more investments to commercial properties last year as the government imposed curbs on homes, marking the start of an “era” for malls, office and industrial real estate. Commercial real estate investment jumped 42 percent last year from 2009, while transaction volume rose 20 percent.


Grosvenor plans to start buying properties as early as September for the Japan-focused fund, amid signs office rents in Tokyo are bottoming. Average office rents in Tokyo dropped to 17,585 yen ($213) per tsubo in December, the lowest in six years as the vacancy rate started to decline from a record high of 9.17 percent in August. One tsubo, a standard measure of property area in Japan, is 3.3 square meters, or 35.5 square feet.


Source: Edited from article originally appearing in Bloomberg


+ Bear Logi releases Japanese Licenced Financial Institutions & Life Insurance Companies research - (25/01/2011)

Bear Logi Co., Ltd., a Japanese Real Estate company based in Tokyo has released a new data sheet. The data sheet briefly shows the list of Japanese Banks, licenced financial institutions and life insurance companies. The Japanese Licenced Financial Institutions, Banks & Life Insurance Companies in Japan sheet can be downloaded here or from our research page on our website at that also contains other research papers on Japan industrial real estate.

+ Japanese land for sale Maibara-Minami Industrial Park - (24/01/2011)

Offering for Subdivision Lots in Maibara-Minami Industrial Park


Overview of offering and schedule (see the application guideline for detail)

Maibara City is a traffic node connecting Keihanshin (Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe), Chukyo(greater Nagoya) and Hokuriku area while it has well-developed foundation for logistics such as to-be-constructed new Maibara Cargo Terminal station (tentative name) in addition to conventional railways and highways. In order to have formation and development of regional industrial clusters by taking advantage of the above-mentioned characteristics, “Maibara-Minami Industrial Park” has been developed in an area next to Cargo Terminal station (scheduled land).

For about 10.6ha (1-9 lots) of land for subdivision in this Maibara-Minami Industrial Park, Maibara City seeks enterprises which can conduct activities related to local characteristics such as manufacturer emphasizing supply chain or transport company bearing advancement of logistics.

The application should be done for all the lot (package) or for multiple lots (a part of all the lots) or for a single lot, and offering will proceed in the following schedule:


Offering schedule

1. Publication and distribution of application guideline

17 January 2011

2. Acceptance of questions on application guideline

From 17 to 31 January 2011

3. Publication of answers to questions received

16 February 2011

4. Acceptance of application

From 14 to 18 March 2011

5. Determination of scheduled businesses

Early-April 2011

6. Conclusion of business facility establishment agreement

Mid-April 2011 (within 14 days after determination of scheduled businesses)

7. Conclusion of land sales contract (payment of deposit for contract)

Mid-June 2011 (within 60 days after conclusion of business facility establishment agreement)

8. Delivery of land (payment for land)

Mid-September 2011 (within 90 days after conclusion of land sales contract )


Overview of subdivision lots for sale

1. Overview of industrial park

1.1 Location: Iso Maibara-shi, and Umegahara, Maibara-shi, Shiga, Japan

1.2 Zoning: Exclusive industrial district

1.3 Building coverage ratio/ floor area ratio: 60% / 200%


2. Lots for offering


Area (square meters)

Subdivision price



JPY 327,415,000



JPY 210,311,000



JPY 231,856,000



JPY 264,555,000



JPY 294,284,000



JPY 316,679,000



JPY 315,058,000



JPY 316,299,000



JPY 317,006,000


Lot map


3. Access

3.1 Road: About 6km far from Maibara IC of Hokuriku Expressway

About 6km far from Hikone IC Meishin Expressway

3.2 Railway: About 2km far from JR Maibara station


Application guideline:
- Application guideline (in pdf)
- Application form (in Microsoft Word)
- Plan of boundary of lot and side length (in pdf)
  * CAD data (in dxf format) is also available.
- Result of ground survey (in pdf)

Other related materials:
- Support system
- Location map
- Introduction brochure (in pdf)

Contact: City Promotion Bureau, Maibara City Office
TEL: +81-(0)749-52-6784


Source: City of Maibara

+ Bear Logi releases Contract Types in Japan research - (19/01/2011)

Bear Logi Co., Ltd., a Japanese Real Estate company based in Tokyo has released a new data sheet. The data sheet briefly describes the contract types and periods when transacting real property in Japan. The Contract Types in Japan sheet can be downloaded here or from our research page on our website at that also contains other research papers on Japan industrial real estate.

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