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Japan Logistics Systems to open Noda Center - (21/12/2011)

On December 12 Japan Logistics Systems announced that it would open a new logistics center inside of “Logistics Park Noda Funagata (Noda city, Chiba) from January 1st, due to the business expansion of its electronic related customers.

The facilities are considered as a significant hub to provide the best logistics service that has been accumulated with many years’ experience of electronics distribution to the customers.


[Overview of the facilities]

1.   Name: Japan Logistics Systems Corporation Noda Center

2.   Location: Logistics Park Noda Funagata 2F 2-1-3 Izumi Noda-shi, Chiba

3.   Accessibility:

Approx. 11km from Kashiwa IC, Joban Express way

           20km from Iwatsuki IC, Tohoku Express way

            2km from Tobu Noda line

4.   Warehouse area: 19,039 m2


Source: Japan Logistics Systems (edited and translated by Bear Logi)  


+ Senko completes Hyuga PD Center in Miyazaki - (13/12/2011)

On December 9 Senko announced that it had completed Hyuga PD Center in Hoshoshima Port, Miyazaki. The PD center was to build in order to concentrate warehouse hubs that has been diversified in north part of Miyazaki, as well as to enlarge warehouse space. The center starts its operation from December 12. 

Senko conducts logistics center, distribution inside of warehouses, port logistics operations in north part of Miyazaki (Nobeoka, Hyuga city). Although there are 16 warehouses in north par, those needs to be scrap & build because of physical obsolescence, elimination of inefficiency, and enlarging warehouse scale corresponding to the demand on the increasing cargo amount from existent and new customers. 

Hososhima port, where Hyuga PD center is located, is designated as a strategic port in August 2010, and it has been invested by Miyazaki prefecture and Hyuga city. Hyuga PD also handles various kinds of import-export cargos as bonded warehouse. 

Hyuga PD center is a steel-frame one story warehouse with 24,437 m2 composing  of multi-usage free warehouse (10,472 m2) and fixed temperature warehouse (5,938 m2) furnished with dust & insect proof. 13 m eaves has been attached between the warehouses to keep approx. 6,000 m2 truck berth and loading & unloading spaces which enables to handle cargo even in bad weather. 

An up-to-date WMS (Warehouse Management System) utilizing Cloud has been installed in Hyuga PD Center which controls location and operation process to improve the accuracy of storage, shipment and inventory. 

senko hyuga PD

Overview of the warehouse

Name: Hyuga PD center

Location: 1-43 Takeshima-cho Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki

Site area: 40,396 m2


steel-frame, one-story warehouse (Office: two stories above ground)

Total floor space: 24,437 m2

Free warehouse: 10,472 m2

Fixed temperature warehouse: 5,938 m2

Office: 1,194 m2

Vanning: 750 m2

Shimoya: 6,084 m2

Start of operation: December 12, 2011


Source: Senko (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ TOLL completes new logistics facility in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture - (12/12/2011)

A 3PL service provider, Footwork Express Co., Ltd. (FWE) based in Esaka City, Osaka Prefecture held the completion ceremony on 8 December 2011 at the site located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture. 

The new logistics facility will have both of warehouse and terminal on the site of about 9,200 tsubo (approx. 30,470m2) and is a result of consolidation of FWE’s current 2 branches aiming at the promotion of streamlining. It will be used exclusively by FWE. 

After having become a member of international logistics enterprise TOLL Group based in Melbourne, Australia in 2009, FWE has invested heavily into new truck fleet, personnel, technology and depot network, and customers can look forward to an enhanced offering from FWE as a result. The construction of this facility is a part of FWE’s ongoing strategy of strengthening its large network to offer customers. 

The participants at the ceremony included:

- Mr. Paul Little, current Chief Executive Officer

- Mr. Brian Kruger, next CEO,

- Mr. Shane O'Neill Express Operation Officer,

- Yahagi Construction Co., Ltd. (design and construction)

- Neil Pollington, CEO in Japan

- Matthew Zann, President, Bear Logi Co., Ltd. (Project and Construction Management) 

The construction started in April 2011, and completed without any accidents or damages. 

New facility design has environmentally friendly design features such as extensive natural lighting, water sensitive design and reuse of water, auto light sensors that adjust when lighting so only used when light levels get low. Building features high rated insulation to reduce need for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Safety is very important at FWE and sight planning separates pedestrian, cars and trucks. Warehouse also features extensive guard rails for worker safety. Security is also high level with all site access restricted and strictly monitored. Benefits are for people. 

Toll will accelerate its operational strategy utilizing and straightening existent service network.

Toll komaki (1)

Toll Komaki (2)

Toll Komaki (3)

 【Facility Overview】


Komaki Branch, Footwork Express Co., Ltd.


298 Aza-Nishijima, Kamitagara-cho, Kasugai-City, Aichi Prefecture

Site area

Approx. 30,470 m2


Approx. 8,208 m2


Logistics center


Steel-framed, 3-story above ground


April 2011


November 2011


Point of contact for this press release:

Public Relations Office, Bear Logi Co., Ltd.

TEL: +81-(0)3-5411-8336

+ Fukuyama to open new branch in Fujisawa, Kanagawa - (25/11/2011)

On November 8th Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd has announced that Fujisawa branch that has been ongoing under construction just opened on November 7.

Fujisawa is the 7th branch in Kanagawa prefecture that covers Isehara, Atsugi, Ebina, Ayase, Hiratsuka, Fujisara, a part of Hara-shi Midori-ku, Takaza-gun, and Aiko-gun. The former Isehara branch will be demolished because of partial eminent domain to build up new distribution center. Fujisawa terminal has 5 stories large scale facilities with truck terminal and logistics space under three layer construction model equipped with cutting edge cargo sorting system. 

fujisawa branch

[Overview of Fujisawa branch]

Start of operation: 2011.11.07

Name: Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd Fujisawa branch

Location: 920-1 kuzuhara Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 0466-48-7292, FAX. 0466-48-6886

Site space: 32,872.00 m2

Construction space: 14,869.60 m2

Total floor space: 31,166.20 m2

Floor space:

1F 4,804 m2

3F 4,362 m2

4F 6,798 m2

Number of allocated trucks:

2t: 56

4t: 40

Large: 12,  Total: 108


Source: Fukuyama Transporting (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Senko to complete “Noda 2nd PD Center” on Chiba - (02/11/2011)

On October 20, Senko announced that it had completed construction of “Noda 2nd PD Center”, and would start operation from 1st November 2011.

Noda 2nd PD center composes of three stories building with 29,805 m2 total floor space which has been built to strengthen logistics services in Kanto region. The facilities are annexed to the “Noda 1st PD Center” which started operation from this August.  The total floor space of these two facilities becomes 110,000 m2, which will be the largest logistics base of Senko.

Noda 2nd PD center is capable of loading 32 trucks cargo from both side of the center, and of loading cargo correspondent to each specification dividing ground floor into high and low level. It also pay attention to the environmental load deduction furnishing solar generator equipment and low energy consuming LED lights on the facilities


[Overview of the facilities]

Name: Noda 2nd PD Center

Location: 3-4-1 Izumi Noda-shi Chiba

Site space: 21,607 m2

Construction: steel frame / 3 stories above ground

Total floor space: 29,805 m2

Equipment: 3 vertical conveyors / 4 elevators for cargo

Start of operation: 2011.11.01

Senko Noda

[Overview of Noda 1nd PD Center]

Name: Noda 2nd PD Center

Location: 1-1-6 Izumi Noda-shi Chiba

Site space: 67,612 m2

Construction: steel frame / 3 stories above ground

Total floor space: 79,835 m2

Equipment: Automatic warehouse (capable to stock 13,700 pallets)

6 vertical conveyors / 6 elevators for cargo

Start of operation: 2011.08.01


Source: Senko (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Amazon Japan to open new FC in Tosu, Saga - (27/10/2011)

On October 25th Amazon Japan Logistics announced that it would open new Logistics Center tentatively called “Amazon Tosu Fulfillment Center” in 2012. 

Amazon aims at enlarging stock variation, supporting logistics scale expansion, and improving lead time in distribution. That enables online store product line-up to show “In stock”. 

Furthermore, Amazon estimates enlarging “Fulfillment by Amazon” to support sales by acting for an exhibitor to keep product stocks, order processing, shipment and customer service. Currently Amazon is conducting recruitment preparing for opening. 


Source: Logistics Today (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Askul logistics subsidiary to open new logistics facilities on Kadoma-shi, Osaka - (19/10/2011)

On 30th November Bizex Co. Ltd, a logistics subsidiary of Askul announced that it had opened Bizex Kadoma logistics center on Kadoma-shi, Osaka. From August 22 Bizex started operation delivering as well as storing approx. 6,500 sort of electric devices from 56 parts supplier companies ordered by Omron.

Kadoma LC is an initial logistics facilities for Bizex specialized in electric devices correspondent to VMI. It has furnished light-shielding, dust-proofing device, and 300 luxes light grade. The attached air-conditioner maintains warehouse temperature an even to store precise electric devices properly.

The facilities are located on high efficient site condition for Kansai-based enterprise just 5 minutes away from the Kadoma IC which crosses Kinki Expressway and the second Keihan road.

Bizex proposal of 3PL operation to Omron, one of Askul’s service customers, to reform procurement corresponding with its needs enables to open new Kadoma LC.

Bizex further tries efficient VMI operation searching for new client companies to contribute cost as well as environmental loading deduction using accumulated know-how of electric devices and small amount distribution network.

[Overview of Bizex Kadoma Logistics Center]


Nama: Bizex Kadoma Logistics Center

Location: 45 Mitsushima Oaza Kadoma-shi, Osaka

Completion: 2011.03.31

Start of operation: 2011.08.22

Center floor space: 2063 m2

Number of floors: 7th floor of the 8 stories building


Source: Logistics Today (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Sanritsu to announce new construction of large-scale LC with Daiwa House - (20/09/2011)

On September 12 Sanritsu has announced that it would demolish Yokohama operation Keihin Center located in Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-shi, and construct new large-scale Logistics Center for efficient use with annexed Daiwa House land.

Sanritsu will intend to use efficiently its asset upon facing the dynamic change on the logistics circumstance in the neighbor area around Keihin Center. It builds large scale logistics center with high logistics function including annexed 10,000 m2 Daiwa House land.

Sanritsu estimates 655 million extraordinary loss for demolishing center on March 2012. 



1. Demolishing property

Name: Yokohama operation Keihin Center
Location: 1-1 Ebisu-cho Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa
Construction: RC flat roof 4F / Total floor space: 7,131.56 m2

2. Builder

Daiwa House Industry co., Ltd

3. Demolition terms

After 2011.09.12

Source: Sanritsu (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ GLP and CPPIB form joint venture to develop modern logistics facilities in Japan - (05/09/2011)

On September 1st Global Logistic Properties Limited (“GLP”) and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (“CPPIB”) announced that they have formed a joint venture (“Japan Development Fund” or the “Fund”) to develop and hold institutional quality, modern logistics facilities. Each partner will invest US$250 million of equity over a projected three year investment horizon. 

The targeted leverage is 50% loan-to-value (after stabilization) and the Fund is open-ended with a long-term investment horizon. The Japan Development Fund will focus on building multi-tenant and build-to-suit facilities mainly in the greater Tokyo and Osaka areas in Japan. An attractive site in Tokyo has been identified as the first potential development for the Fund.
GLP is the market leader in modern logistics facilities in China and Japan. CPPIB is a global investment management organization that invests the assets of the Canada Pension Plan and manages a fund that totals C$153.2 billion.

Mr. Jeffrey H. Schwartz, Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee of GLP said: “Developing logistics facilities in Japan is an attractive use of capital and we are extremely pleased to launch our Japan development program. The Fund will be GLP’s exclusive vehicle for logistics development in Japan. We are seeing solid demand for logistics development in Japan driven by our strong customer relationships, solid track record and deep experience. We are delighted to have formed a long-term strategic partnership with CPPIB, a leading global investment manager, which will enable GLP to earn solid returns on its capital while managing risk.”

Graeme Eadie, Senior Vice-President, Real Estate Investments, CPPIB, said: “The Japan Development Fund provides CPPIB an entry into Japan’s logistics facilities market and represents our first direct real estate investment in this country. The growing demand in Japan for modern third party logistics facilities provides an attractive investment opportunity for us. We look forward to partnering alongside GLP who has a proven track record and is aligned with our strategy to develop and hold these assets over the long term.” 

M3 Capital Partners (HK) Limited served as exclusive financial advisor to Global Logistic Properties in connection with the formation of the Japan Development Fund.

Source: GLP (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Shimadaya to transfer stocks of logistics subsidiary to Hitachi Transport - (22/08/2011)

Kanto Hitachi Transport Service Co., Ltd has announced that it had transferred all stocks from Shimadaya Transport, a consolidated subsidiary of Shimadaya, a major noodle manufacturer in Japan, and starts operation as a new company from October 2011. 

Hitachi Transport System has been completely assigned storage and distribution service from Shimadaya in Tokyo metropolitan area from 2002, and upon completion of the transfer of stocks, Hitachi intends to expand food distribution operation not limited to Shimadaya customers, but also to the new customers. 


[Overview of Shimadaya Transport]


Company Name: Shimadaya Transport

Location: 2-5-45 Musashino Akishima-shi Tokyo

Established: April 1977

Business: Chilled food distribution etc

Sales Volume: 300 million Yen (2011.03)

Employees: 28 (2011.03)

Number of trucks: 20


[Overview of new company]


Company Name: Akishima Logistics Service

Investment ratio: Kanto Hitachi Logistics Service: 100%



Source: Hitachi Transport System (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ MLIT to announce Truck transportation statistics on May 2011 - (15/08/2011)

According to the MLIT truck statistics May 2011 published On August 11th, the amount of specially combined cargo investigated from 26 objective companies counts 4,902,445 ton,  which decreased approx. 600,000 ton compared to the previous month (89.1%). On the other hand, compared to May 2010, it had increased approx 70,000 ton (101.4%). 

The amount of shipped package delivery counts 253,803,000, which decreased approx. 902 mil from previous month  (96.6%). Compared to the May 2010, it had increased approx. 1,414,000 (105.9%). 


Source: MLIT (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Sagawa Express to complete large scale LC in Fukuoka city - (11/08/2011)

On August 10th Sagawa Express Co., Ltd announced that it had completed ongoing construction of large-scale logistics center located in Higashi-ku, Fukushima.

Sagawa Express Kyushu branch and Fukuoka store will be transfered into the new LC. The former Fukuoka branch will change name to Tsukushino store, and start operation from August 21.

The newly installed automatic sorting machine enables packages to be sorted accurately in short time. That leads to the high distribution efficiency and drastic improvement of transportation quality.

The facilities have many functions to reduce energy consumption taking environmental damage reduction into consideration through installing LED light on the sidewall advertisement, motion censor, daylighting system, and water saving fixtures.

Fukuoka LC

[Overview of the facilities]

Location: 4-12-5 Hakozaki Futo Higashi-ku Fukuoka

Site space: 23,140.73 m2

Total floor space: 38,753.35 m2

Construction: Mixing structure of RC pole / Structural steel beams / 4 stories above ground

Number of handling goods per a day: 107,000


【1F Automatic sorting system】

auto sorting system 1F

Sorting ability: Max 7,200 tray per hour

Object size: Max L350×W450×H150
L100×W100×H1Business Card size

Object Weight: Max 5kg per tray / Min 20g per tray

Number of chute: 120


【2F Cargo Center automatic sorting system (slide sorter)】

auto sorting system 2F


Sorting ability: Max 6,000 tray per hour (high-speed mode)

Object size: Max L1000×W800×H800

Object Weight: 50 kg – 0.1kg

Number of sorting direction: 13

Sagawa Express expands small scale service center nationwide using cargo vehicle

as Transportation method. The facilities will be operated as a integrated base of

cargo transportation in Fukuoka prefecture.


Currently 22 small stores (incl. 14 service center) runs operation in Fukuoka,

and it will be as occation demands.




Source: Sagawa Express (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Amazon to open three logistics facilities in Saitama - (02/08/2011)

On Aug 1st Amazon Logistics Japan, which takes charge of logistics operation from, has announced that it would open three logistics facilities within this year to straighten various product line-up and stocks.

Newly establishing Fulfillment Center (FC) is tentatively called “Amazon Sayama FC”, and “Amazon Kawashima FC”. “Amazon Kawagoe FC” has been operated since last year in the Kawagoe city.

Based upon the opening of each FC, will expand its business reinforcing “In stock” products to enlarge wide range of category such as consumer electronics and Kitchen appliances.


Source: IT Media (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Tonami HD to complete new Distribution Center in Kuki-shi, Saitama - (13/07/2011)

On July 12th, Tonami Transportation Co., Ltd, a group company of Tonami Holdings has announced that it had completed distribution hub facilities in Kuki-shi, Saitama and starts operation from July 19.

Tonami HD intents to expand share in the distribution market on facing great functional expansion in Tonami Transportation Okegawa branch for straightening its income structure by moving into Kuki-shi, which strongly precedes industrial corporate invitation.

Tonami Transportation Kuki branch

[Overview of Tonami Transportation Kuki branch] 


Name: Tonami Transportation Kuki branch / Kuki Distribution Center

Address: Syoubu-cho Sanga Kuki-shi Saitama (Syoubu Nanbu Industrial Park)

Number of Employee: 76

Number of trucs: 55

Site space: 26,872 m2

Building space: 3,085 m2 / 1 story

Warehousing space: 9,091 m2 / 3 stories

Maintenance building: 3 stories



Source: Tonami HD (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Medipal Holdings to complete Nagoya ALC - (09/06/2011)

Medipal Holdings Corporation has announced that Mediceo Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Medipal, would complete construction of Nagoya Area Logistics Center on June 9.

Nagoya ALC is an urban full line logistics center based on the management plan “2014 Medipal Medium-term Vision”. Medipal invested total amount of 8 billion Yen to build the facilities which manage medical drugs. The building has 4 stories above ground, 24,616 m2 total floor space, and its annual maximum delivery capacity is estimated around 220 billion Yen.

Medipal regards the new facilities as an up-to-date Logistics Center focused on the delivery optimization to cut the loss in delivery process from the manufacturer to the actual end users.

Medipal ALC

[Outline of Nagoya ALC]

Name: Mediceo Nagoya ALC

Address: 1-5 Nishi buwajima cho Ni Shinden Kiyosu-shi, Aichi

Site space: 31,272 m2

Construction space: 10,156 m2

Total floor space: 24,616 m2

Construction: Combined method of Rhamen brace

Cover area:

Completely covered/ Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui pref.

Partially covered/ Syohoku area in Shiga, and Shinnomiya area in Wakayama pref.



Source:  Medipal Holdings (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)


+ Mitsui Soko to commence logistics package service in Asia - (24/05/2011)

On May 23rd, Mitsui Soko announced that it commenced new logistics package service called “FLEXPRESS CHINA SERVICE”, which enables customers to use its logistics service as same efficient as existent domestic one. 

“FLEXPRESS CHINA SERVICE” is the advanced distribution processing service including such as maintenance, inspection, and gauge examination to shift in China, which have been provided in domestic distribution process in order to reduce logistics cost as well as to shorten the lead time directly combining the maritime transportation line plying frequently almost every single day between Japan and China.

The service also provides customers with temporary purchasing service or platform that supports mail order business in China.


Source: Mitsui Souko (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Asia Cargo Highway Plan announced by Japan - (10/05/2011)

On May 5th Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda proposed an “Asia Cargo Highway” as Asia’s long-term goal to create seamless flows of goods in the region at the annual meeting of the board of governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

According to the Finance Ministry, the Asia Cargo Highway envisaged by Japan will be realized by 2020.

Last year, at the ASEAN-Japan Summit and the APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting, Japan announced a new initiative with a contribution up to 25 million dollars to the ADB for trade facilitation in the region. Japan will work closely with the ADB and other major players, such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the World Customs Organization (WCO), to support enhancement of connectivity in Asia through further trade facilitation.


Source: MEIT Japan   (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)






+ ALPS Logistics to open the Kitakami branch - (07/05/2011)

On May 2nd ALPS Logistics Co., Ltd announced that it opened Kitakami branch in Iwate prefecture. Kitakami branch is located inside of the Kitakami South Industrial Complex annexed to the national Highway route 4, 2 minutes by car from Tohoku Auto highway Kitakami Kanagasaki IC.

Currently ALPS Logistics possesses 27 operational bases including it’s headquarter.

[Overview of ALPS Logistics Kitakami branch]

Name: Kitakami operational center

Location: 43-145 Yamane Nashinoki Aisari-cho Kitakami Iwate

Warehouse space: 1,836m2


Source: ALPS Logistics (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ RIL Osaka to apply for Civil Rehabilitation Law in 9.2 billion debts - (03/05/2011)

On April 22nd Teikoku Databank announced that the RIC, Rinku International Logistics K.K, Third Sector entity invested by Osaka Prefecture, had declared the bankruptcy, and applied for the Civil Rehabilitation Law. Temporary restraining order was given on the same day. 

RIC K.K was founded in February 1993 for the purpose of construction and following operation of logistics facilities complex, which consists of Rinku town distribution and manufacturing processing zone and FAZ 33% owned by OTK (Osaka Prefectural Urban Development Co. Ltd) and 25% by Osaka Government.

On October 1996 RIL Center, Rinku International Logistics Center, opened with 19,000m2 site space, 53,000m2 total floor space in four stories logistics facilities and attached six stories office building. In spite of the total investment amount over 22 billion Yen, occupancy rate at the beginning phase of operation stayed approx. 30%. Operation expense including amortization and depreciation bore heavily upon running the business, so the management revision plan was drawn up in the fiscal year 2001. The reconstruction assistant agreement among RIC, OTK and financial institutions was closed based on the plan. While lenders revised the repayment plan, OTK supported RIC with leasing up RIL center. That resulted in securing net income after first quarter 2006. Total annual income publicized on March 2010 counted 590 million Yen. 

Although the accumulated loss had decreased which was up to over 2.4 billion Yen on March 2005, it turned back up to over 2.2 billion Yen at the end of March 2011.

While operating rate of logistics facilities has stayed around 100%, office building to the contrary kept 30% to 50% in the center.

Under these circumstances, OTK privatization plan came up. Reconstruction assistant agreement has not been extended by the stock holding entities at the end of 2011 with foreseeing no future prospective. It came to the conclusion of appling for Civil Rehabilitation Law in 9.2 billion debts.

[Shareholder at the end of the fiscal year 2010]]

OTK 34.3 % / Osaka Pref. 22.1% / Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan 11.6%


RIC Osaka

[Overview of RIC]

Location: 2-21 Rinku Orai Kita Izumisano Osaka

Site Space: 19,000m2

Total floor space: 53,000m2

Construction: RIC / partially prestressed concrete structures

Access: located opposite the KansaiInternationalAirport’s coast
5 minutes from 2 expressways connecting to Metropolitan Osaka by car


Source: Teikoku Databank

   Osaka Prefectural Urban Development

Osaka Prefectural Government Department of Housing and City Development

(Edited and translated by Bear Logi)



+ Panasonic to transfer the partial logistics HQ function to Asia - (03/05/2011)

On April 27th, Panasonic corporation has announced the Business Strategy in the fiscal year 2011. According to the report, it would transfer the partial headquarter functionss of the logistics and manufacturing innovation to Asia for global optimization. 

In addition, it would greatly strengthen the satellite base in Asia related with other sections that was positioned as “Global manufacturing division”.

Panasonic accelerates its global manufacturing in establishing strengthened production base, local procurement and the use of strategic outsourcing.



Source: Panasonic corporation (Edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ METI to announce the activities of Japan’s industry to revive the supply chain - (28/04/2011)

On April 26th METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan announced “The Activities of Japan’s Industry to Revive the Supply Chain”. 

The survey has been conducted to piece out the comprehensive current industrial situation after the Earthquake related with the supply chain of major corporative operations and the movement for the reconstruction phase through the corporate hearings. 

The survey analyses the situation dividing the industries into three sections; electronics, Aircraft, and automobile industry.


[Outline of Electronics Industry]

Because of the earthquake, a raw materials and product parts factories that have suffered damage are being brought back into operation one-by-one. There are no negative influences on the production of electronics, e. g. flat panel TVs, mobile phones, smart phones, and lithium-ion batteries, etc..


[Outline of Aircraft Industry]

Just after the disaster, some factories temporarily decreased or suspended their productive activities. However, they’ve already resumed their operations and moreover expect to achieve over all level operation in May, and full-scale production in June.


[Outline of the Automobile Industry]

Just after the disaster, the production of automobiles was reduced or suspended but there have been movement toward resumption of production for several models with companies adjusting their operational procedures.


Source: METI Japan (Edited by Bear Logi)

+ Total remission of port facilities charges in Iwate prefecture - (16/04/2011)

On April 12th Iwate prefecture authorities announced that it would exceptionally introduce total remission of port facilities charges managed by them from April 2011 to March 2012.


The exception’s primary objective is to recover and inspire corporate activities suffered from Great East Japan Earthquake activating transportations with promoting the use of port facilities in Iwate that also enable them to recover employment rate in the region.


Applicable Port facilities:

Kuji/Miyako/Kamaishi/Ofunato/Yagi/Omoto port


Source: Iwate Prefecture Division of Port Maintenance




+ Updated vacant warehouse info in Kashiwa city, Chiba: 5,514.98m2 - (07/04/2011)

On 1st April, Butsuryu-Biz updated one warehouse information located in Chiba.

kashiwa prop

Warehouse Space: 5345.60m2

Office Space: 159.72m2

Property ID: B100533

Property Address: Shin Toyofuta, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

Access: approx. 0.5km from Kashiwa Interchange

          : approx. 2km from Kashiwa-no-ha campus station by Tsukuba Express

Land area: 5,215.50m2

Floor area: 5,514.98m2

Construction: Steel-frame, 2 stories

Leasable are: 5,514.98m2

Leasable stories: both

Rent: Negotiable

Deposit: Negotiable

Available from 2011.06.01

Source: Butsuryu-Biz


+ Footwork restarts their operation in the suffered area - (06/04/2011)

On 5th April Footwork Express has announced that they partially had resumed the collection of cargo in some regions where the operation had been stopped due to the East Japan Great Earthquake.

Footwork restarts their operation in whole Kanto as well as some part of Tohoku area except Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, where still has been under severe influence by the disaster.

Several points must be considered before shipping cargo to these areas as following;

- No delivery time designation

- No individual designation

- No emergency supplies

- Limited under 1,000kg per one cargo slip 

Source: Footwork Express

+ Truck transportation data from MLIT - (28/02/2011)

According to the truck transportation data from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, total amount of transportation, combined shipment (the sum of 26 companies) in November 2010 became 5,930,000 ton, 5.2% higher than the previous year. The amount of the courier service (the sum of 17 companies) was 282,600,000, 10.6% higher than previous year.

General cargo transportation has increased 3.3% higher that the previous year. (Answered by 778 companies)

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Translated by Bear Logi)

+ Hitachi Transport System will swallow its consolidated subsidiary companies - (28/02/2011)

Hitachi Transport System has announced a merger of its consolidated subsidiary companies, Higashikanto Hitachi Transport Service Co., Ltd. and Keiyo Hitachi Transport Service Co., Ltd.

They are expecting for the operational reinforcement and optimization to improve the transportation service.

The surviving company will be Higashikanto Hitachi Transport Service.

The date of merger is being scheduled on April 1.


Overview of the surviving company after the merger

Company name: Shutoken Hitachi Transport Service

Address: 2-8-4 Saga Koto-ku Tokyo

Business contents: domestic transportation

Capital: 100,000,000 yen

Fiscal term: March

Share holders: Hitachi Transport System 100%


Source: Hitachi Transport System (Translated by Bear Logi) 

+ ShinMaywa Industries delivered waste relay plant to Bangkok - (24/02/2011)

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd., located in Hyogo prefecture, has announced that they had supplied Saimai waste station in Bangkok with their waste relay plant as a part of its municipal sanitation project.

They announced that it would be the 2nd  waste station in the city of Bangkok

The reason why the city has continuously constructed the relay station appears to be that it had been an insanitary environment under the former sanitary collecting system disposing the wastes with diggers to container.

While Saimai waste station works the central and north area, Nonkem station built in 2007 does the west of the city.The whole city will be covered with the both facilities.

ShinMaywa also has delivered two sets of the plant in Shanghai last year, therefore they are now covering four countries with seven plants including this case.

They also announce that their sales target is now on the growing Asian market.

waste station

Orderer: The city of Bangkok

Vendor: ShinMaywa(Asia) Pte. Ltd. based on Singapore and Samcon-New Decade JV's contract 

Order amount: approx. 700 million Yen


+ Toll Group acquires Asia-Europe Sea-Air logistics company - (02/02/2011)

Toll Group, the Asian region’s leading provider of integrated logistics services, has announced the acquisition of SAT Albatros (SAT), a Dubai-based provider of Sea-Air Services.


“The acquisition of SAT will further cement Toll’s strategic position in the Middle East and in the Asia to Europe trade lane”, said Toll Group’s Managing Director, Paul Little AO.


“Building our business with a niche Sea-Air provider gives us further scope to offer our customers the opportunity to match speed to market with a cost-effective service. For customers who want to transport goods quickly but keep costs down, this integrated option can offer significant cost savings over pure air freight.” 


SAT will form part of Toll’s rapidly developing Global Forwarding division, following the 2009 acquisition of Dubai-based Logistic Distribution System (LDS).


Providing combined Sea-Air logistics from Asia to Europe with its weekly scheduled services, SAT offers an alternative to pure air or sea freight on this route.


SAT reported revenue in excess of US$40 million 2010. The company expects the acquisition to be earnings per share positive in its first year.


Source: Toll Group


+ Amazon Japan to open 2 new logistics properties - (17/01/2011)

Amazon Japan Logistics (ALJ) which provides logistics services for orders placed at will open 2 new Japan logistics real estate fulfillment centers “Amazon Tokoname FC” in Tokoname city, Aichi prefecture and ”Amazon Iwanuma FC” and Iwanuma city in Iwate prefecture by around 2011. This new real estate infrastructure will help expand logistics scale and provide speedy delivery service.

By opening the first logistics fulfillment centers in Chubu and Tohoku regions, it not only strengthens “In Stock” product lineup at, but also makes will make more speedy delivery to orders from customers mainly in Chubu and Tohoku regions. Moreover, by opening these fulfillment centers, “Fulfillment service by Amazon”, a service which Amazon Logistics Japan performs on behalf of sellers including inventory storage, order processing, shipment and customer service will be expanded.

“Amazon Tokoname FC” and “Amazon Iwanuma FC” will join the existing Japan logistics centers “Amazon Ichikawa FC (Total floor area 62,300m2)”, “Amazon Yachiyo FC (34,145m2)”, “Amazon Sakai FC (67,923 m2)”, “Amazon Kawagoe FC (38,927m2)” and “Amazon Daitoh FC (25,209m2)”.


+ Toll group sells minority stake in Chinese logistics business. - (12/01/2011)

Toll Group has sold 16.6% stake in Shenzhen Chiwan Petroleum Supply Base, a Chinese logistics businesses.

Toll said it sold its share because the China Petroleum Logistics business had been moving away from developing oil and gas supply base operations into industrial real estate property development. 

Managing Director Mr Paul Little said the transaction will generate cash proceeds of around A$50 million (US$50m) which will strengthen the group’s balance sheet while having an immaterial impact on current year profit result.

At the same time Toll has purchased McLaughlin Freightlines (MFL), a specialist transport provider to the Australian poultry industry for A$25 million. The acquisition of this logistics business in Australia would provide rapid growth opportunities for the Toll Group.

Source: Toll (edited by Bear Logi)

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