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Rakuten acquires Alpha Direct Services Global e-commerce leader bolsters merchant offering with logistics stronghold in France - (07/11/2012)

 Rakuten, the world’s third largest e-commerce company, today announced that it has agreed to acquire a leading French e-commerce logistics business, Alpha Direct Services (hereafter, “ADS”).

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Beauvais, ADS ( is France’s leading e-commerce logistics business with over 100 merchants ranging from small businesses to large well-known brands such as Nestle, L’Oreal and Sarenza. Over the last decade the company has established a highly effective and cost efficient full service e-commerce logistics model encompassing front-end websites, order management, warehousing, fulfillment delivery and customer support. The company has the potential to quickly scale beyond France into wider Europe. Markedly, from a retail service perspective, the acquisition will allow merchants to capitalize on same day delivery in Paris and next day delivery across Europe.  

Following recent investments in e-commerce marketplaces across Europe, the acquisition of ADS represents a significant step forward in building out Rakuten’s e-commerce services capability and marks the company’s sixth European acquisition since 2010. Rakuten will benefit by adopting best practice automation processes including ADS’s unique robotic automation system to reinforce its existing logistics services and improve operational efficiency in Japan.

ADS is currently owned by its founder, Adrian Diaconu, and FCDE (, a French capital-growth fund.The completion of this acquisition is subject to its prior approval by the French competition authority.

Source: Rakuten

+ Bear logi to offer individual logistcs research reports - (19/09/2012)

Since the logistics real estate market in Japan has recently been under the spotlight, there are increasing demands on providing quality research and due diligence services. To respond to this demand Bear Logi now provides research services not limited to the papers freely available on our website, but also tailored for individual projects.

Bear Logi has recently conducted the following project papers: 

- Earthquake and Tsunami risk report

- Engineering Reports

- Market Appraisal

- International Comparison of cities logistics real estate markets

If you are interested in Bear logi reports, please contact our research department.

contact information

Bear logi

Research Division

Akihiko Sato (Mr.)

TEL: (+81) 3-5411-8336


+ Bear Logi releases 2012.4 Japan Logistics Property Market share data sheet - (18/05/2012)

On May 18 Bear Logi released new Japan Industrial property market share data sheet in a first quarter 2012.

The datasheet is available at;

+ Bear Logi to release new transaction datasheet - (16/05/2012)

On May 16 Bear Logi updated new Transaction datasheet in Q1 2012.

*This transaction was agreed after issuing market share report 2011 by Bear Logi, therefore the data did not reflect the transaction.

+ Bear Logi to release new transaction datasheet - (15/05/2012)

On May 15 Bear Logi updated new Transaction datasheet in Q1 2012.

+ Tokyo as highest rent in High-spec logistics facilities - (20/02/2012)

High-spec logistics facilities in Tokyo requires the highest rent above all cities in the world due to the increased demand in the logistics centers from E-commerce and 3PL providers as well as imminent demand caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is anticipated that the rent stably shifts because of the low supply, which enforces the augmented burden on the lessees. 

Tokyo continuously has been ranked at the top for $21.84 per 1m2 from last year, London as 2ndv for $19.47, Singapore as 3rd for $14.73.

According to the CBRE research, the reason why Tokyo has been ranked as highest rent is while industrial manufacturing has been revived and grown up in the Post-Earthquake recovery, thus there was little negative influence in the total logistics field, reconstruction of BCP, SCM, as well as reform inquires in view of earthquake-resisting capacity stimulated new demands. On the top of that relocation and expansion demands in existent total floor space from E-commerce and 3PL providers are still vital that keeps Tokyo rent continuing at the high level. 

It comes to the conclusion that the low supply of the new facilities for the time being will affect the market stable.


Source: Yuso-Keizai Shinbun (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

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