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Amazon Logistics to open new LC in Odawara, Kanagawa - (16/08/2012)

Amazon Logistics, providing logistics operation service based upon the order from, announced that it would open new logistics center tentatively called “Amazon Odawara FC (Fulfillment Center)”, GFA approx. 60,000 tsubo (200,000 m2), to provide timely distribution service, to expand stock and logistics scale. Amazon also estimates the employment opportunities as large as 1,000 personnel. 

Due to the new FC opening, the product line up status under “In stock” in store will be strengthened. It also leads to the expansion of Amazon category product such as consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, or consumer products. 

Furthermore, “Fulfiment by Amazon” to support sales in is expected to be enlarged, for instance stock capability, order processing, shipment, and representing customer service on behalf of exhibitors.


Source: e-logit  (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Tonami Transport to consolidate Fuji and Mishima operation center - (05/03/2012)

On February 29 Tonami Holdings has announced that its core company, Tonami Transport it had completed construction of new Fuji branch and would start operation from March 5th.

Tonami will strengthen logistics function as well as operational efficiency by consolidating current Mishima and Fuji operation center to establish new Fuji branch to expand the operation.


[Overview of the facilities]

Name: Tonami Transport Fuji branch

Location: 29 Osumi Kashiwabara-aza Fuji-shi, Shizuoka

Home building: 2,652 m2

Temporary stock: 450 m2

Maintenance building : 2 stories

Site area: 16,845 m2


Source: Tonami Transport (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

+ Sankyu to open Mizushima LC - (31/01/2012)

On January 11, Sankyu announced that it had opened new warehouse “Sankyu Okayama branch, Mizushima Logistics Center” in Kurashiki-shi, Okayama.

The new facilities were built in the center of Mizushima to ease chronic lack of warehouses in the district as well as to expand business correspondent to the customer’s needs at the same time. Sankyu mainly handle with petrochemicals product in the district where just 10 minutes away from Mizushima IC. 

The facilities are composed of three all-weather warehousing buildings, a single story, large eaves, automated warehouses. Large-eaves warehouse is located between single story and automated warehouse in which stage for import-export container operation is furnished. This is the largest scale Sankyu own warehouse in Tyugoku & Shikoku area. Sankyu currently operates 7 branches in Okayama with 53,100 m2 total floor space.


[Overview of Sankyu new branch]


Name: Sankyu Okayama branch Mizushima Logistics Center

Location: 4-5-11 Matsue Kurashiki-shi Okayama

Site area: 33,187 m2

Total floor space: 20,051 m2

Volume corresponding area: 34,360 m2

Construction: steel-frame

Equipment: sigle-story warehouse, large-eaves warehouse, automated warehouse


Source: Sankyu (edited and translated by Bear Logi)

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