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Bear Logi compiles logistics and industrial property research covering Japan & Korea from both an investment and users perspective.

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English & Japanese Documents.
Contract Types in Japan (Eng)
Contract Types in Japan
download link : Contract Types in Japan.pdf
Japan Construction Methods (Eng)
Japan Construction Methods
download link : Construction Methods EN.pdf
Japan Planning Construction Process (Eng)
Japan Planning Construction Process
download link : Japan Planning Construction Process.pdf
Japan Real Estate Definitions (Eng)
This is a English/Japanese dictionary of the terms on real estate in Japan.
download link : 2010 Japan Real Estate Definitions.pdf
Japan Real Estate Sample Lease Contact (Eng)
Japan Real Estate Sample Lease Contact
download link : EN Sample Lease Contract.pdf
Japan SPC Property Scheme (Eng)
Japan SPC Property Scheme
download link : Japan SPC Property.pdf
Japan Zoning Process (Eng)
Japan Zoning Process
download link : Japan Zoning Process.pdf
Japanese 3PLs (Eng)
Japanese 3PLs
download link : Japanese 3PLs.pdf
Japanese General Contractors (Eng)
Japanese General Contractors
download link : Japanese General Contractors.pdf
Japanese Licenced Financial Institutions & Life In (Eng)
Japanese Licenced Financial Institutions & Life Insurance Companies
download link : Japanese Licenced Financial Institutions.pdf
Technology & Warehouse Design (Eng)
Technology & Warehouse Design
download link : Technology & Warehouse Design_English.pdf
グローバル3PL売上高ランキングTop50 (Jp)
download link : Top 50 Global 3PLs Jp.pdf
建築構造 (Jp)
download link : Construction Methods JP.pdf
日本における建築確認申請 (Jp)
download link : Japan Planning Construction Process Jp.pdf
日本の3PL企業 (Jp)
download link : Japanese 3PLs JP.pdf
日本の建設業者一覧 (Jp)
download link : Japanese General Contontractors JP.pdf
日本の用途地域 (Jp)
download link : Japan Zoning Process Jp.pdf
日本のSPC物件のスキーム (Jp)
download link : Japan SPC Property Scheme.pdf
テクノロジー倉庫設計に果たす役割 (Jp)
download link : Technology & Warehouse Design_Japanese.pdf